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Buckman Bridge’s Southbound Traffic Has Been Halted Due to an Accident Involving Many Injured Parties

In the aftermath of a fire that involved a semi-truck, the Buckman bridge’s northbound lanes have been completely reopened. The truck rekindled its fire when it moved because of the materials that were inside. JFRD is on its way back.

Early on Friday morning, there was a flaming collision involving two big trucks on the Buckman Bridge that blocked the northbound lanes. According to the JFRD’s reports, there were neither injuries nor fatalities. As a result of the closure of the Buckman northbound to traffic coming from Mandarin, cars have two options for crossing to the west side of the river: the Shands Bridge or the Fuller Warren.

FDOT crews are already on-site to provide assistance to JFRD and conduct an evaluation of the roadway. According to the spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Hampton Ray, “Safety is our number one priority.”

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The Florida Highway Patrol reports that at about six in the morning, a semi-truck was stopped on the shoulder of Interstate 295 close to the base of the Buckman Bridge when it was struck from behind by another big vehicle that was approaching from behind.

According to Sergeant Dylan Bryan, they “started suffering weariness or just flat out fell asleep,” which caused the driver to wander off the roadway and hit the back of the first vehicle. After the conclusion of the investigation, it is likely that charges will be brought against the motorist who was responsible for the accident. Tune in to 104.5 FM for the latest information and backup options.

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