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Buddy Daddies Episode 2: Release Date& More!

Today we talk about Buddy Daddies Episode 2. When exactly will the second episode of Buddy Daddies be made available around the globe, and is there already an official trailer available to watch online? Spy x Family may no longer be airing, but there is, happily, a new anime about espionage and parenthood on the way to take its place.

Buddy Daddies MyAnimeList users gave the first episode of the new series produced by Studio P.A. Works an amazing rating of 7.70 out of ten points, making it a strong start to the broadcast of the show. The release date, time, plot caption, and preview trailer for the second episode of Buddy Daddies are all included in the following informational package for your convenience.

Buddy Daddies Episode 2 Release Date And Time

It has been announced that the second episode of Buddy Daddies will make its debut in Japan on Saturday, January 14, while the bulk of overseas fans will be able to watch the episode for the first time on Friday, January 13.

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Crunchyroll has stated that new episodes will become available for online video streaming at the following times in the following international locations:

  • Pacific Time – 9:30 AM
  • Currently, it is 12:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • British Time – 5:30 PM
  • European Time – 6:30 PM
  • India Time – 11 PM
  • Philippine Time – 1:30 AM
  • 4 o’clock in the morning, Australia Central Daylight Time

Crunchyroll provides new users with a free two-week trial of their premium service, which is required in order to watch Buddy Daddies. After the trial period, new users can subscribe for $5.99 per month, $7.99 per month, or $99.99 per year.

Buddy Daddies Episode 2 Preview Trailer And Story Caption

The following preview story caption for episode 2 of the Buddy Daddies anime series, titled “The Kiss of Death,” has been provided by the official website for the Buddy Daddies anime series in Japan. “Miri calls Kazuki “Papa” and misses him. Despite his grumbling, Kazuki is the one who looks after Miri, including accompanying her to the restroom and providing her with food.

In the meantime, Rei, who has had her routine completely thrown off by the two, asks Kazuki what he is going to do with Miri, and Kazuki responds that he is going to return her to her mother. Rei is completely thrown off by this information.

Buddy Daddies Episode 2

Miri was the child of a mafia mistress that Kazuki and his associates had murdered in the course of their work. Miri was Kazuki’s daughter. However, there is no information available regarding the mother, so he requests that Kyutaro Kugi, the master of “Mistletoe,” conduct some investigation on his behalf.

A new opportunity has been presented to Kazuki and his crew…….” – The Story of Episode 02, as seen on the Official Website. On the Aniplex YouTube account, the preview trailer for the second episode of Buddy Daddies has also been uploaded; it may be viewed down below.

How Many Episodes Are In Season 1?

It has been established through the Buddy Daddies Blue-Ray and DVD listings that the first season will consist of a total of thirteen distinct episodes. The following release schedule is planned for Buddy Daddies, and it will be adhered to barring any last-minute changes to the domestic broadcast in Japan:

Episode 2 will air on Friday, January 13; Episode 3 will air on Friday, January 20; Episode 4 will air on Friday, January 27; Episode 5 will air on Friday, February 3; Episode 6 will air on Friday, February 10; Episode 7 will air on Friday, February 17; Episode 8 will air on Friday, February 24; Episode 9 will air on Friday, March 3; Episode 10 will air on Friday, March 10; Episode 11 will air on Friday, March 17; Episode 12 will air on Friday, March 24; Episode 13 will By Tom Llewellyn – tom.llewellyn@grv.media

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