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Chainsaw Man Season 1, Episode 10 Release Date, Time and Where To Watch

We talk about our predictions for Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 10, as well as the release date and where to watch it online. Chainsaw Man continues to deliver another incredible episode just when you thought it couldn’t get much better.

Last week’s episode left viewers upset by hinting at many major character deaths. This week, they revealed who we did and did not lose, as well as showcasing viewers some surprise abilities from some Public Safety Devil Hunters. Whether or not their efforts were successful remains to be seen, as things appear to be spiraling out of control for Denji (voiced by Kikunosuke Toya) and his companions.

Chainsaw Man Season 1, Episode 10 Release Date, Time, and Where To Watch

Himeno’s final surviving Ghost Hand pulls the chord on Denji’s chest, bringing Chainsaw Man back to life.
Chainsaw Man and Katana Man engage in a battle that is about well-matched until numerous lackeys with guns approach. Denji kidnaps one of the lackeys and offers him to Katana Man, but Katana Man slashes them both in half at the waist instead.

They then try to steal Denji’s body. When Yutaro Kuruse and Michiko Tendo learn of the attacks, they are waiting for Makima’s train. Before the train arrives and everyone starts pouring out, they wonder if she is still alive. Back on the train, we see that Maxima not only survived being shot in the head but also murdered the men who shot him.

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Maxima denies being shot and asks to be taken to a shrine with 30 other inmates so she can help Denji from where she is in Kyoto. Meanwhile, lackeys begin to perish in Tokyo, crushed to death in thin air. Maxima is then shown to be the one causing this to occur, as she sacrifices the lives of convicts in order to take the lives of whoever she desires instead.

Akane and Katana Man, the only two survivors, seek to flee. They are stopped by Kobeni, who discovered them when Hirokazu attacked them. Akane tries to kill her with the Snake Devil, but Kobeni dodges the blow and viciously wounds Katana Man instead. As a result, he and Akane are forced to flee.

Chainsaw Man Season 1, Episode 10

Akane sobs over Denji’s death and apologizes for attempting to murder him the week before. Makima, Yutaro, and Michiko return to Tokyo. Madoka notifies Makima that she is now in command of Divisions 1-4 before retiring.

Date And Time For Chainsaw Man Season 1 episode 10

Crunchyroll will release Episode 10 on Tuesday, December 13th, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. ET. The title of Episode 10 is unknown at this time, however, it will be roughly 23 minutes long.

Where Can I View Movies Online?

Chainsaw Man season 1, episode 10 will be available to Crunchyroll subscribers worldwide on the above-mentioned date.


We definitely got a few predictions after last week’s Chainsaw Man episode. No one, however, wants to be correct in forecasting a character’s death. Fushi and the other Public Safety Devil Hunters that died in episode 8 will be missed.

Although things aren’t looking good for Denji and his companions this week, they’re also not looking bad. There are definitely a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up and villains that need to be taken down after episode 9. Let’s hope we can nail a few more predictions this week as well.

10 anime shows similar to Chainsaw Man that you should watch. Despite the fact that we lost Himeno, it appears that the Ghost Devil is still alive. It’s very likely that one of the other Devil Hunters will end up making a deal with it. I’m considering Aki or possibly Kobeni.

This week, Kobeni proved to be significantly more capable than predicted. She hasn’t revealed any devil contracts she has, but I’m sure we’ll find out at least one next week when she discloses how she saved Denji’s body. Despite what they indicated, Yutao and Michiko will most certainly be sent to Makima’s team now that it is severely understaffed.

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