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Charu Asopa Divorce: She Will Divorce Soon Since Rajeev Sen Cheated on Her

This is all about “Charu Asopa Divorce”. Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen married in June 2019 but were heading for divorce two months earlier due to irreconcilable issues. Rajeev banned Charu on Instagram, and she removed all his photos.

The coverage of the Charu Asopa Divorce

After much debate over the previous few months, newlyweds Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa have finally decided to end their 2019 marriage and divorce.
The marriage between Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa has been on the rocks for some time, even though the two have tried to patch things up on several occasions. The 2019 newlyweds Rajeev and Charu were on the verge of divorce a few months ago.

But after declaring that they will give their marriage another go, Rajeev banned Charu on Instagram and she erased all his images on social media. Charu has recently stated that she ‘doesn’t want to drag this marriage out any longer and that she would like to begin the divorce process. Ziana, the couple’s daughter, is one year old.

They ‘aren’t intended for each other,’ Charu told The Times of India. The difficulty in their marriage, she claims, began early on, when Rajeev would disappear ‘for weeks and months at a time, making it impossible for her to contact him by any means. Read more: Nick Cannon and Twins photograph Abby De La Rosa’s pumpkin patch

She also mentioned that he had been gone for three months before the lockdown. While this was certainly upsetting, Charu also claimed that Rajeev had been physically aggressive toward her. “Rajeev has a short temper; he has verbally attacked me and even threatened me on a couple of occasions.”

Charu Asopa divorce
Charu Asopa divorce

If I cheated on him, he’d be suspicious. On the set of Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, he warned my co-stars not to interact with me. Eventually, I had a hard time focusing on my task. She added, “I think he was cheating on me, but there’s no way to prove it.”

However, Rajeev has refuted these claims, insisting, “since she always knew where he was,” that he never hid from authorities. She, he said, had secretly left Mumbai without notifying her. He further denied ever suggesting he wouldn’t provide for Charu and their daughter Ziana, adding that he had given “many legal notifications” to her attorneys.

Rajeev continued, saying that he never wanted the divorce, but Charu did, and that she “has to move out of her YouTube world” and “learn the significance of family.” We have a lovely kid, but it’s clear that we’re still two miserable people living together and making no effort to change. I think we’re both to blame for it getting to this point,” Rajeev added.

There has been a lot of back and forth between them since Rajeev claimed that he had no idea about Charu’s prior marriage and that it was a “shock to him,” which Charu later denied. They had spent months denying the other’s accusations, but now they were posting sweet messages to each other online and looked to be getting along again. The comments, however, were removed after some time. Read more: How Government Money for Poor Families Pays Anti-abortion Groups, Next-door Abortion Clinic

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