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When and How Did Chester Bennington Die, and When Was His Funeral?

CHESTER BENNION died abruptly at the age of 41, but his musical genius will continue to inspire future generations. We look at Chester’s life, his greatest hits, and the tributes given to the legendary singer. Chester was 41 years old when he died.

What Happened To Chester Bennington?

Chester, 41, was discovered deceased at a private property in Palo Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County. On the morning of July 20, 2017, his body was discovered. He is thought to have hanged himself. The Los Angeles County coroner verified Linkin Park’s death.

Heavy, his band’s second-to-last tune released earlier this year, seems to hint at his difficult mental state. The song was about despair and contained haunting lyrics such as “I don’t like my head right now / Stacking up difficulties that are so pointless / Wishing that I could slow things down.” In the chorus, he talks about the troubles that are weighing him down before chillingly concluding, “If I only let go, I’d be set free.”During a 911 call, Chester’s housekeeper can be heard talking to his wife Talinda.

Chester Bennington Die

What Happened During The 911 Call After Chester Died?

TMZ released audio of Chester’s driver’s 911 call from outside his house a few days after his death. The tape also captured the housekeeper, who discovered the star, conversing with his wife Talinda, who was away with their children at the time of his death.

Chester Bennington was laid to rest in a private California funeral. Hundreds of friends, relatives, and coworkers gathered to bid farewell to the Linkin Park vocalist over a week after he committed suicide, at the request of his family. A stage was constructed up for musical tributes to be performed during the poignant occasion, which saw bandmates attend the outdoor ceremony.

According to TMZ, police maintained tight security for the occasion, including bracelets and a stringent guestlist to allow friends and family to mourn discreetly.

This weekend, when his family and close friends came to lay the troubled Linkin Park vocalist to rest, Chester Bennington was remembered with tears, music, and personal stories. Chester’s funeral was held privately at the request of his heartbroken family, with almost 200 of his closest friends and family attending to pay their respects.

The ceremony took held in the gorgeous South Coast Botanic Garden, which hosts weddings, memorials, and other events, near his property in Palos Verdes, California.

Chester Was Laid To Rest By His friends And family

To prevent crashers from entering the grieving family, police were on hand to offer security for the funeral, and each participant was required to wear a wristband and have an entrance permit. Chester’s musician buddies were given the chance to perform one final time for the Linkin Park singer, thanks to a stage and full band set-up – including a drum kit – that had been built up on the grounds. Chester’s family was said to have begged funeralgoers not to take photos or film the ceremony.

Fans did not let the fact that they were not invited to Chester’s funeral stop them from remembering him, as memorial activities have sprung up all around the world. Dave Phoenix Farrell, Chester’s Linkin Park bandmate, has been retweeting the most moving monuments from Russia, Hong Kong, and Brazil, while Mike Shinoda has warned fans not to buy unlicensed products from unscrupulous bootleggers.

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