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Chinese Shopping App Pinduoduo is Suspended by Google Due to Malware

Since versions of the well-known Chinese cheap shopping software Pinduoduo included malware, Google has removed them from the Play Store. Versions of the program that are not on the Play Store have been found to contain malware, according to a statement released by Google on Tuesday.

In order to further our investigation, we have suspended the Play version of the app, according to a Google spokeswoman. The allegedly dangerous apps have also been subject to Google Play Protect, which checks installed apps on Android phones for harmful behavior, claims the statement.

The enforcement of Google Play Protect has been configured to prevent attempts to install these recognized dangerous apps. Users who have malicious versions of the software downloaded to their devices receive notifications and prompts to delete the program, according to the spokeswoman.

 Pinduoduo said that the current version of its app is “not consistent with Google’s Policy” and that on Tuesday morning, it was informed by Google Play that it had been “temporarily stopped.” It claimed that Google Play withheld other information. “We are in contact with Google to get additional details.

A Pinduoduo spokeswoman said, “We’ve been advised that a number of other apps have also been suspended. Then, Pinduoduo issued a statement in which it vehemently denied “the assumption and charge that the Pinduoduo app is malevolent solely based on a general and inconclusive response from Google.” It stated once more that “a number of apps have been suspended from Google Play simultaneously.”

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Google has been contacted to find out if any other apps have also been suspended. Software created to steal data or harm computer systems and mobile devices is referred to as malware, short for malicious software. It can be used to obtain unwanted access to data on a user’s phone when concealed in apps.

One of the most well-liked e-commerce platforms in China, Pinduoduo has about 900 million users. It became famous for its group-buying business strategy, which allowed customers to save money by recruiting others to purchase the same item in large quantities.

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PDD, the parent business that is listed in the US, established Temu, an online shopping platform, last year in response to the local success of Pinduoduo. Temu, which operates an online superstore for almost anything from clothing to electronics to home goods, has quickly risen to the top of the American app charts for both iOS and Android.

According to Sensor Tower, the app has amassed over 11 million monthly active users since its launch in September and had received 24 million downloads as of last month. Temu was not mentioned by Google in their statement. The Play Store still offers access to the app for download


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