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Chloe Campbell Disappear: the Family Thinks Her Disappearance is Unresolved Despite Her Safe Return

Details about “Chloe Campbell Disappear,” a Colorado youngster for the past ten days, has been discovered safe and sound at a Colorado residence, local authorities have confirmed. Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold announced Monday night that the 14-year-old had been located safe and sound in a state residence.

A Statement about Chloe Campbell’s family

Chloe Campbell, a Colorado adolescent who disappeared earlier this month, is said to have been in “harm’s way,” and her family “will not stop chasing the truth” about what happened to her.

The family released a statement the day after the 14-year-old was found safe by the Boulder police department at a residence 25 miles from her home, saying that they have “credible information that Chloe was in harm’s way during her disappearance and we will not stop pursuing the truth in this matter.”

Jessica Knape and David Campbell, the teen’s parents, said they would not give any further interviews because they want to “focus fully on her safety and care.” Monday morning, police said in a statement that they had found no indication that she had been detained against her will during the ten days she had been missing from her family.

Campbell, who had been missing since September 30th near Boulder High School after going to a football game with two older males her family characterized as “sketchy,” was found safe and sound at a Thornton house on October 10th. Her loved ones were terrified traffickers had abducted her since she was a “high-risk” victim. Read more: Matt and Misty Divorce: Is It True or It Just a Rumor?

Chloe Campbell Disappear
Chloe Campbell Disappear

However, during a press conference, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold stated that detectives now suspected the adolescent had run away from home. Where she was and what happened when she was taken from her family is the subject of an ongoing inquiry, Ms. Herold said.

The cooperation of state and federal authorities was invaluable in the investigation that led to the safe return of Chloe to her family. The police chief stated, “We are also grateful for outpouring community and media attention in this case.”

Law enforcement has stated that they have found “no proof” of an abduction. At this moment, there is “no reason to suspect” that she was detained against her will, as stated by Deputy Chief Stephen Redfearn. No apparent injuries or anything like that, he noted. Read more: Evan Felker Divorce: Everything We Want to Know!


After being reported missing ten days ago, the missing Colorado adolescent Chloe Campbell was located alive and well at a residence in the state, according to the authorities.
Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold announced on Monday evening that the missing 14-year-old was found safe and sound inside a house in the state.
The adolescent was last seen on September 30th, in the vicinity of Boulder High School, when she was attending a football game.

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