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Chriselle Lim Shares How She Puts These Self-Care Tips Together

With a million things on her to-do list and no time for herself, a newly single mother managing enterprises and motherhood would be expected to feel stressed. But not Chriselle Lim, a native of California. The 37-year-old fashion icon and TikTok sensation were recently in town for the launch of Skin Inc’s +SABI AI, the world’s first 360 wellness and skin health coach app, at the Skin Inc Institute at Scotts Square.

She looks radiant, confident, and at ease in her own skin. We needed to know how she has maintained her sanity, organization, and composure despite having children and maintaining enterprises such as Bümo and Phlur. My favorite adage is, “Enjoy where you are at the moment. You are exactly where you should be. Everyone is guilty of getting swept up in what they should be doing. And this only results in stress and anxiety. Stay put. Remain present. Admire the present. Accept yourself as is. This adage is very essential to me, as I, like many others, tend to dwell on the future rather than being present in the present.

During the roughly six months I was going through my divorce, this mantra served as my screensaver. I was in a constant state of anxiety because I was constantly trying to figure out what my life would be like. Thankfully, my friends and family provided me with a great deal of support throughout this time. And this motto served as a reminder that I needed to be present to appreciate and treasure those moments with them.

It’s nice to see that you’re in a lot better position than you were previously, focusing on your business initiatives such as Phlur and Bümo while being a mother. Where do you find the time in this hectic schedule to focus on yourself? I always write in the evening, after putting my children to bed. I say this because the mornings are always crazy. They have school, and I have other motherly responsibilities to fulfill, such as packing their meals and backpacks. I’m confident that the majority of mothers would agree that there is very little “me time” in the morning.

So, after putting the children to bed, which is typically around 8:30 p.m., I will do all of the necessary tasks within an hour. Then I’ll begin my bedtime routine. This involves taking a relaxing shower or bath with calming textures and scents. After that, I’ll light a candle and read a book to decompress. During this time, I will also indulge in skincare, masks, and face devices. I am really rigorous with my bedtime routine; otherwise, I’ll return to planning mode. It is essential that I adhere to the boundaries I’ve established for myself.

Do you use any emergency skincare products to help you look your best in the morning after an odd sleepless night caused by stress? Honestly, it would be My Daily Dose Cocktail Serum by Skin Inc. I’ve used it for many, many years and adore it because it’s tailored to my skin type. In addition, mine contains vitamins A and B3, as well as licorice, which aid to nourish, brighten, and clarify my skin.

I also appreciate that, unlike many other serums I’ve tested, offers my skin an extra boost of hydration. I am especially dehydrated since I consume too much coffee and not enough water! It has also been suggested that perfumes and odors can affect your mood. What are some of your favorite fragrance notes as the owner and creative director of Phlur, and how do they make you feel?

Fragrances hold a unique place in my heart, and Phlur is heavily influenced by my personal journey, which includes my divorce and rediscovery of myself. In fact, several of my favorite smell notes are present in Phlur fragrances. Missing Person, one of the brand’s most popular fragrances, contains a unique musk flavor that smells like really delicious skin.

Many individuals, especially those who don’t like fragrances, enjoy it since it is subtle, pleasant, and almost like a warm embrace. It also contains sandalwood, and I adore how warm and sweet it is. Another of Phlur’s perfumes, Not Your Baby, has cardamom, which I feel to be a tad spicy and male, despite the fact that it is seductive and wearable.

A modern working woman’s nutrition is also vital to her ability to perform. Other than coffee, do you have any go-to goodies in your “Feel Good” hoard to rev up your engine? It is always essential for us to incorporate nutritious meals into our schedules. However, on days when my schedule is too hectic, I will consume protein bars that contain fruit and no added sugar.

It keeps me full, and I know that at least they have some type of nourishment and offer me sustained energy as I dash between appointments. During fashion week, I always have these as well as nuts and dried fruits such as dates tucked away. I consume a lot of kombuchas since it helps me relax and is beneficial to my digestive health.

You are widely known on social media as “Rich Mom.” Why is this the case, and do you have any styling or beauty secrets that make you feel and look like a million dollars? I believe the kids on TikTok refer to me as Rich Mom because they believe I am a fantastic individual. However, I am only performing this part for entertainment purposes.

My number one piece of advice for appearing like a million bucks is to realize that you do not need to be completely covered with designer items. In reality, that occasionally appears somewhat tacky. To me, the silhouette is everything. To establish structure, for instance, a blazer with clean lines is all that is required.

Additionally, you must have well-tailored pants and a belt to constrain your waist. Even if you shower yourself in luxury clothing from head to toe, you will not appear sophisticated if your silhouette lacks structure. Sunglasses and a strong red lip are other fantastic ways to complement your outfit!

I must say, though, that dressing up does wonders for increasing confidence and self-esteem in addition to making you look put together. My oldest daughter is now nearly eight years old. On any given day, she experiences a diverse range of emotions. I usually tell her this when she misbehaves or does anything “wrong”: “You are not a terrible girl. You are a wonderful girl having a terrible day. And that’s alright since everyone has bad days.”

I believe that many of us simply want our children to be happy again. Instead of ignoring them, I permit them to process their emotions and feel awful. This instructs them on how to handle their emotions and accept them. It is a part of maturing and being human, and it is something that we can all practice.

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