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Chrishell Stause and Justin Hartley, Stars of “Selling Sunset” and “This is Us,” Respectively, Recently Divorced!

Chrishell Stause of Selling Sunset and Justin Hartley of This Is Us divorced a little over a year ago, after being apart for three years. However, as both stars are frequently seen together on the red carpet and on television (and as there are new episodes of Selling Sunset to enjoy), speculation regarding their breakup and current romantic status has increased.

For the first time, Justin walked the red carpet at the MTV Movie & TV Awards with his future wife, Sofia Pernas, in May 2021. According to People, their secret marriage became public knowledge when fans discovered rings on “that” finger. The pair had been publicly dating for five months, but wedding plans were still vague.

Later, Chrishell joined her employees at Selling Sunset at the same event. “Chrishell has moved on with her life” and “is looking forward to new beginnings,” said another source close to the situation. (Consider the increase in reality show seasons and the boom in sales of mansions costing several million dollars.) Of course, not everything went down in front of the cameras, so here’s what we know about Chrishell and Justin’s split:

But Wait, Why Did Chrishell and Justin Divorce in the First Place?

Two years after their wedding, Justin reportedly filed for divorce from Chrishell in November of 2019. He claimed they broke up on July 8 due to irreconcilable issues. Chrishell stated that they separated on the date that Justin filed, but the actual date of their divorce is unknown.

In October of 2017, after being together for four years, the pair tied the knot, as reported by Us Weekly. Two years passed between their engagement and wedding. Justin had previously been married to Lindsay Hartley from 2004 to 2012, so this wasn’t his first time around the marital block.

Chrishell, who revealed the divorce file on the third season of Selling Sunset, was taken aback by the news (more on that in a sec).

It’s Still Kind of a Mystery Why They Broke Up.

It seems the couple was having problems, but not enough for anybody to worry that they would end up divorcing. A source at the time told Us Weekly, “Justin had been experiencing troubles with the marriage for a while.” According to the source, “the divorce filing was a major surprise to everyone around Justin and Chrishell in terms of their friends.”

I’m kind of in shock with it all,” Chrishell said during the third season of Selling Sunset. It’s a lot to take in because the whole globe finds out at once. He has my undying adoration. Yes, this was my closest companion. Where do I go from here?


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Selling Sunset Star Christine Quinn Says They Tried Couples Therapy, but Chrishell Refutes These Claims.

For a while, everyone “simply thought maybe they were having communication problems,” as Christine Quinn said to Page Six. Since we learned they were seeing a therapist, we may safely assume that something was bothering them.

As a bonus, she clarified the reason why Justin wasn’t featured in the Selling Sunset broadcast. The realtor revealed, “I think… the understanding that they had is that he [Justin] wanted to remain entirely discreet with ‘Selling Sunset,’ which she [Chrishell] respected.” Neither he nor she will ever appear on the show again, and I seriously doubt the situation will ever be resolved.

Christine is still unsure of the reasons behind the couple’s split, and Chrishell’s anger at her co-star speaking to the press only added fuel to the fire.

In a tweet, she wrote: “I want to be clear. She is making wild claims about the situation, about which she understands nothing, in an obvious attempt to get media attention. What she says might be a complete fabrication or pure speculation.”

According to Chrishell, Justin Informed Her of Their Divorce via Text Message.

Chrishell reveals to Mary Fitzgerald, her coworker from Season 3, that Justin broke up with her via text message. “When we were filed, he texted me to let me know. In 45 minutes, the entire world was aware, “The news of Justin’s divorce file was initially reported in a TMZ article, which Chrishell cites.


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Chrishell Said She Was Blindsided by the Text.

On Selling Sunset, she explains, “If that’s really what you wanted, there are better ways to go about it.” Chrishell adds that Justin didn’t allow them to work things out before filing for divorce, leaving her feeling like she had no control over the situation.

Chrishell says on the show, “When I think of marriage, I think of, you know, you work on things with people if they’re not perfect—no one is, work on it.” “As a group, you discuss it. Instead of discarding it or looking elsewhere, you stick with what you have. Marriage is like tending to the grass you already have: sometimes you just have to put in the effort.”

Finally, she says “I don’t understand why it’s so difficult at times, because I don’t think it should ever be easier than difficult. For my part, I didn’t detect any significant disruption in that equilibrium.”

Chrishell felt betrayed and hurt by everyone involved. She tells Mary candidly, “It’s hard, it takes a toll on your self-worth where you just feel the wrath, ‘How could you do it this way?'”

Justin Cautioned People Against Believing Everything They Hear.

Around the end of October 2020, Justin made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy and hinted at his impending divorce. I think people want to know about other people’s personal affairs, but I would just caution folks,” he remarked. I often warn my daughter about blindly believing anything she reads online.

As he elaborated, he realized how content he was with his current situation. “My job satisfaction is at an all-time high. I couldn’t be happier. Thankfully, I am in good health and in a secure environment. In a nutshell, I am each of those. Consequently, I feel a great sense of gratitude.”

That’s “cool” with him, Justin remarked because he knows certain fans are interested in hearing about his alleged romantic exploits. But he continued, “I’ve also sort of always had this perspective that I will live a public [life], but I will be very private about my issues.”

Chrishell Stause Divorce

Selling Sunset Star Mary Fitzgerald Says Chrishell Was “heartbroken,” but “handled It Like a Champ.”

Mary told Us Weekly, “Chrishell was blindsided and she was put in a terrible position and she chose to share it with everybody because it is a reality program and it, you know, follows our lives.” As a result, I mistook her for being extraordinarily strong, and I was wrong. In my opinion, she handled the situation like a pro.

“She didn’t take nearly enough vacation,” “In her own words, Mary continued. “She was generally upbeat, so I know she was just sad. In all of their time together, she never once spoke ill of him. She was always sitting on the sidelines. I don’t think she could have handled it any better. As a rule, she never took the victim role. She seems to be able to find the bright side of every situation.

“it Still Stings,” but Chrishell is Bouncing Back.

In September 2020, Us Weekly received updates from a reliable source on Chrishell’s health. Even though “it still stings that Justin blindsided her like that,” as one insider put it, “Chrishell sees that as something Justin has to live with.” That “guilty” feeling she once had has completely vanished.

“Life for Chrishell during the past year or two has been nothing short of a roller coaster. The deaths of both Justin and her mother were terrible “according to the information obtained by Us Weekly’s investigators. As a result of both of these setbacks, she “was knocked sideways for a spell.” Someone close to Chrisshell said, “Chrishell has this incredible ability to bounce back from bad situations even when the odds are stacked against her.”

Chrishell was so enthusiastic about her time on Dancing With the Stars that she physically bounced about during rehearsals and competitions.

After filming concluded, she dated professional dancer Keo Motsepe for around three months. “The loss has left Keo devastated. He was enthusiastic about his time spent with Chrishell “After the breakup, someone close to him informed People.

Meanwhile, Justin Made the Split Seem Amicable.

Two weeks after filing for divorce, Justin sent a touching birthday greeting to his estranged wife on Instagram. Next to a series of photos of the two of them, he commented, “Let’s all wish this young gem of a human a very happy birthday!” “Here’s to many, many more years of happiness and love! Wishing the lovely @chrishellhartley a very happy birthday!”

Chrishell Stause Divorce

He Never Appeared on Selling Sunset to Share His Perspective, but There’s an Easy Explanation.

While Justin can be seen on NBC’s smash program This Is Us, you can watch Selling Sunset on Netflix. Adam DiVello, the show’s creator, told Variety in August that Justin’s departure from the show was “simply contractual.” “There’s no doubt that we requested a lot. Just the terms of his NBC contract, I’d guess.”

Still, Justin’s “irritated” With Chrishell’s Comments on Selling Sunset.

He doesn’t seem to be happy about how public their breakup is or what Chrishell has said about it so far. Despite being made aware of the content, “Justin has not viewed the episodes,” a source told Us Weekly. “He is annoyed that she is discussing their matters in public and suspects that there is more to the tale than is being revealed. Chrishell has complete control over what information about what transpired is released to the public, as do his close friends and family.”

Justin and Chrishell finalized their Divorce in January 2021.

A source informed Us Weekly that the couple had reached a “private deal as to terms of the divorce,” which included spousal support. The terms of the ex-arrangement couple are private, although a reliable source has stated that no prenuptial agreement was ever signed.

Chrishell hired divorce attorney Samantha Spector, who is famous for her celebrity clientele.

And, Justin’s First Wife, Lindsay Korman-hartley, is Defending Him.

They have a daughter together; they were married from 2004 to 2012. Recently, Lindsay posted a heartfelt Instagram message about her exes:

In a time when social media should be utilized to spread good vibes and motivate people in a genuine and deserving way, I’d like to add my voice to the chorus by sharing my gratitude for my loved ones. My ex-husband Justin is a wonderful man in every way; he’s a wonderful friend and a wonderful father to our kid. Pure and simple, because we’re related. Despite our history of disagreements, I am grateful for the life we’ve created together as a family.

Chrishell Dreaded Seeing Her Divorce Play Out on the Small Screen.

She told Us Weekly, “I just hope people are compassionate when they watch because it’s awful, humiliating type of thing to go through without cameras and people condemning you.” “In other words, we’re not robots. Watching this will bring back painful memories of a traumatic period in my life.”

Chrishell is Also Changing Her Name.

According to Us Weekly, she recently took legal action to revert to her maiden name. In July, Chrishell and Justin “attended a Voluntary Settlement Conference to resolve the difficulties in the [divorce] case in their entirety and settle all of their claims, both present, and future.” It was also decided that Chrishell’s “name must be restored immediately.”

Justin First Connected With Sofia Pernas in 2020.

On May 28, 2020, TMZ reported that Justin was kissing his ex-costar from the soap opera The Young and the Restless. She brought him to the Southern California Orthopedic Institute and then picked him up after he had been there for a while.

After filing for divorce, this was the first time rumors of a new romance involving Justin had surfaced. From 2014 to 2016, Justin portrayed Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless. Sofia joined the show in 2015 as Marisa Sierras, while Chrishell appeared in 2016 in a recurring capacity. Now, Sofia may be seen portraying Lexi Vaziri in the CBS action series Blood & Treasure.

YouTube video

He Said He’s a “happy” RN.

Regardless of how he currently feels about Chrishell’s remarks, Justin appears to be making quick work of things. “I’m a very content individual. As a result, I can sleep soundly. As of right now, nothing is bothering me “In July of 2020, he revealed this to Entertainment Tonight. “By treating others as I would like to be treated, I have gained many wonderful friends who, in turn, love me. And I have this gorgeous daughter and a fantastic family; I am a very fortunate man indeed.”

Chrishell Currently Seems to be Living a Single Life.

Chrishell and Jason Oppenheim of The Oppenheim Group made their Instagram relationship official in July 2021. Chrishell captioned a photo of the couple cuddling on a boat during their trip to Italy with the words, “The JLo effect. .”

However, they broke up not long after that. My last relationship was ideal in every way, except that we ultimately had incompatible goals. Chrishell assured Women’s Health, “There is still a lot of love there.” I was of the old school of thought that a relationship was doomed if it didn’t end with the couple riding off into the sunset together, she explained. Then I started dating Jason, and that connection shifted my perspective.

She has not confirmed any relationships, however, there have been speculations that she is seeing G-Flip, a 27-year-old Australian musician.

And, She’s Keeping Motherhood in Mind for the Future.

She is planning to start a family someday. A recent revelation from Chrishell is that she is egg-freezing. She told People in September of 2020, “I have taken the steps to freeze my eggs.” “I’m going to do everything in my ability to seize control of the issue, and maybe that will give me confidence in future dates and relieve some of the pressure,” she said.

Well, there you have it, folks.

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