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The Most Recent Rumour Claims That John Legend Issued a Divorce Ultimatum to Chrissy Teigen!

Is Squid Game the reason John Legend and Chrissy Teigen broke up? One story claims that Legend is so offended by Teigen’s recent theme party that he has issued an ultimatum to their marriage. The Gossip Cops are on the case.

‘Chrissy’s Marriage On Squids!’

If the National Enquirer is to be believed, Legend has called Teigen out for throwing that infamous Squid Game party. Because the party was hosted by the wealthy while they pretended to be dirt poor, Teigen received a lot of criticism. The show, according to an insider, is about “people so desperate and penniless that they would put their life on the line for enough money to exist.”

According to this person, Teigen is praised for being “insensitive and obnoxious.” Since the party brought him some negative attention, Legend is among those who feel wronged. The insider said, “John cares genuinely for Chrissy, but he can’t figure out why she continues to put him on the firing line.”

Legend has extensive knowledge of Teigen and recognizes her potential as a danger to herself and others. After the offensive Squid Game party, he’s making a stand. According to the information gathered, “he is taking the counsel of his advisors and giving her an ultimatum to clean up her pact – or watch him walk away!”

Legend Loved It

To begin, Legend made it to the get-together. It was at his house, he dressed the part, and he contributed to the cost of the party. Even though it was billed as a Teigen party, Legend fans were just as welcome. Since she’s the one spreading the news on Twitter, it’s simple to single her out and attack her for it, but that’s not fair.


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According to Gossip Cop’s investigation, the claim is untrue because it’s unlikely that Legend would be furious about a party he paid for and attended. He supported Teigen even when she faced more serious allegations of bullying, which resulted in the cancellation of her endorsement deals. They’ve built their family on more than just good press.

Other Bogus Stories

Several times, the Enquirer has gone after Legend and Teigen. Reports said that the couple was on the verge of splitting up after Teigen’s bullying episode, but they stuck it out. It then claimed the couple had left Hollywood for unknown reasons. Their presence at the Squid Game party demonstrates that they are still active.

Chrissy Teigen Divorce

Instead of focusing on her marriage, the media constantly criticizes how she looks. Its claim that Teigen was addicted to plastic surgery was refuted by Gossip Cop. This tabloid has repeatedly shown that it’s reporting on Teigen is not to be trusted. Just ignore this whole thing; she and Legend are happy and healthy now.

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