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Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Her Miscarriage, Which Resulted in a Life-saving Abortion

Currently pregnant model with husband John Legend— In 2020, she was open about her pregnancy loss, revealing that she underwent a life-saving abortion. “Two years ago, when I was pregnant, JackSurvival and I couldn’t live without medical help.” The Cravings creator went on to say that he didn’t understand he had a life-saving abortion until the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade in June to safeguard people’s abortion rights.

“Let us just call it what it was. Chrissy pointed out that it was an abortion. I never put it together until now.” Chrissy Teigen Reveals That Her Miscarriage Saved Her Life – E! Online. Chrissy Teigen has disclosed that her late son Jack died from a “life-saving abortion,” not a miscarriage, as she previously claimed.

“I had to make a lot of difficult and emotional decisions two years ago when I was pregnant with Jack, John, and my third child,” Teigen said at the summit. “It became evident about halfway through that he wasn’t going to survive, and that I wasn’t going to survive either without medical assistance.”

Teigen, who is presently pregnant and has a daughter Luna and a son Miles with John Legend, said she received fantastic medical treatment and a great support system but only recently discovered she had lost. Teigen, 36, stated, “Let’s just call it what it was: an abortion.” “Abortion to save your life for the sake of a child who has no chance.” And, to be honest, I never put it together until a few months ago.”

Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

The former model stated that she “didn’t understand it that way” until the US Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade. When Legend reminded her that she was one of those people who had to make difficult decisions, she sympathized with them.

Teigen explained, “I shut up, feeling strange that I didn’t understand it that way.” “I informed the world we had a miscarriage, and the world agreed; all the headlines indicated it was a miscarriage.”And I was really disappointed in myself for not saying what it was in the first place, and I felt stupid because it took me over a year to understand we had an abortion.”

Teigen, 43, and Legend announced in late September 2020 that they had miscarried their baby boy, accompanied by a series of touching black-and-white images taken in their hospital room. Chrissy Teigen claims her late son Jack died as a consequence of a ‘life-saving abortion,’ not a miscarriage.

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