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City of Clearlake Receives $2 Million Check for Burns Valley Sports Complex and Recreation Center

On Wednesday, a significant amount of support and financing was provided for the new leisure center complex that is being built in the city of Clearlake. On Wednesday, Representative Mike Thompson (CA-04) gave a check in the amount of $2 million to the city of Clearlake so that it can move forward with the construction of the Clearlake Burns Valley Sports Complex and Recreation Center.

This funding was successfully included in the government funding bill for the Fiscal Year 2023. “The construction of the Burns Valley Sports Complex and Recreation Center will encourage healthier living and will stimulate our local economy through youth sports, jobs, increased visitors, and additional hotel room stays,” said Thompson.

“This will be accomplished through the construction of the Burns Valley Sports Complex and Recreation Center.” “It was a privilege to collaborate with officials from Lake County to determine the extent to which this financing is required. This initiative is going to bring our town up to date, promote a healthy way of life, and stimulate economic growth for our region.

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“This is a project that will have significant implications on our community that will linger for a very long time.” The benefits of this impact project include, but are not limited to, the encouragement of a healthy lifestyle, the provision of activities that are risk-free for your youth, and the provision of an attraction for those who come from outside of our region.

“We are extremely thankful for the cooperation of Congressman Thompson and the different agencies that will make this project a reality,” said Mayor Russ Perdock. “This project would not be possible without their help.”

A small amount of retail space, a new public works corporation yard that will also serve as the city’s new hub for disaster and emergency response, an affordable housing project with eighty units, and a sports complex and recreation center will all be included on the full property. In addition, the property will include a recreation center and a sports complex.

The new sports complex will feature a recreation facility that is roughly 20,000 square feet in size, as well as soccer fields, as well as facilities for Little League baseball, softball, and baseball. Thompson is the representative representing California’s Fourth Congressional District, which is comprised in whole or in part of the counties of Yolo, Lake, Napa, Solano, and Solano.

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