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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6: Netflix Renewal Status and What We Know So Far

Cobra Kai season 5 debuted on Netflix in September 2022, and we’re still waiting for an official renewal (or cancellation) from Netflix as we enter the New Year, but what can we expect from a new season and how well did the show perform? Here’s everything we know about Cobra Kai season 6 so far.

Cobra Kai, formerly a YouTube original series, was formally moved to Netflix after two seasons and has since grown in popularity. The Karate Kid films are continued in the series. It takes place 34 years after the events of the original Karate Kid, reigniting Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso’s feud. The most recent season, season 4, is now available on Netflix.

Has Cobra Kai Been Renewed For A Sixth Season?

At the time of writing, Netflix had yet to renew Cobra Kai for a sixth season, despite the fact that the fifth season had already aired. We assume that the delay in renewing is due to a combination of factors. In previous seasons, Netflix has always renewed Cobra Kai before fresh seasons premiered, so the wait is agonizing.

The difference this time, we assume, is that the showrunners are working on another project (at Netflix) called Obliterated. That show just finished filming in November 2022, and after post-production/editing is through, they’ll be free to move on to Cobra Kai.

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Hurwitz issued an update on New Year’s Eve, stating that we will “know more shortly.” Our assumption is that the sitcom will be renewed for another season on Netflix, albeit this could be the final season order. This is merely due to data indicating that the show’s popularity has peaked.

‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6

Despite this, the show’s creators have stated on multiple occasions that they intended for the show to go on at least six seasons. Hayden Schlossberg recently told Deadline about the prospect of a sixth season: “We have a goal in mind. We don’t know how many seasons it will take to get there.

We’re having a great time making it. If it becomes too much for us, we’ll stop sooner; we have a few more seasons planned.” In a Tweet, one of the showrunners, Jon Hurwitz, revealed that they would like to accomplish at least six seasons.

How Did Cobra Kai Season 5 Do On Netflix?

We may examine how well the show performed in its fifth season using a variety of sources. For the first time, we can examine the show’s performance using hourly data provided by Netflix. The show underperformed behind the fourth season, as we discussed in our September 14th Top 10 analysis (which utilizes CVE measures). Frédéric, a What’s on Netflix contributor, says in the report.

Season 4 VS. Season 5 Of Cobra Kai

This information comes from Netflix’s top ten websites, where we receive 40 hourly stats every week. Between September 4th and October 9th, 2022, the show was seen for a total of 274.72 million hours in the top ten before sliding out of the rankings.

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