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Coffee Joulies Shark Tank Update: What Happened To It After Shark Tank?

Many individuals face an interesting conundrum when trying to determine the optimal temperature for drinking coffee. You either have to wait for your cup of coffee to cool down to drinking temperature or risk getting burned on the lips every time you take a sip of it if you drink it straight from the pot.

After that, you can get sidetracked with other work and come back to your coffee when it’s cold. One “Shark Tank” pitch sought to address the issue of reheating coffee in a microwave, which is not recommended. Coffee Joulies, pronounced “Julies,” was presented by Dave Jackson and Dave Petrillo in January 2013 on Season 4 of “Shark Tank” (per IMDB).

Friends from Pennington, New Jersey, Dave, and Dave came up with the concept for a new product that looks like a tiny metal coffee bean (via Shark Tank Blog). While pitching his product, Dave Petrillo states, “They absorb extra heat from your coffee and make it drinkable in minutes, and then they release the heat that they absorbed to keep it at the right drinking range for up to twice as long.”

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 Coffee Joulies Shark Tank Update: What Happened To It After Shark Tank?

Coffee Joulies’ pitch to the “Shark Tank” investors was well received. Founders David Jackson and Dave Petrillo told the Sharks they wanted to talk to their business counsel since they had conflicting ideas about the appropriate marketing plan.

Coffee Joulies Shark Tank Update
Coffee Joulies Shark Tank Update

They accepted a $150,000 investment from the four Sharks and agreed to pay it back at a rate of $6 per retail sale and $3 per wholesale sale. Once the initial investment was returned, a $1 royalty would be given on all future sales (as reported by the Shark Tank Blog).

The Coffee Joulies website is still up and running today, nine years after the incident, although all of their products are marked as “sold out.” While Coffee Joulies’ website is still up and running, its Facebook page has been inactive since 2017.

According to Landscape Insight, despite the Shark’s interest in the project (which at one point was the third largest Kickstarter ever, reaching over $306,000 in just two months), a contract was never finalized.

Can You Still Buy Coffee Joulies?

Despite the buzz it generated after making its “Shark Tank” debut in 2013, Coffee Joulies doesn’t seem to be for sale at this time. According to their LinkedIn profiles, Dave Jackson and Dave Petrillo are still listed as the company’s owners, but it appears that Coffee Joulies LLC has temporarily suspended operations.

There is no sign that the little metal coffee beans will be sold again very soon, despite the fact that the company has almost 13,000 Facebook followers. On Amazon, you might buy this item, with the most recent review being written in March of 2022.

“The good news? Done for! A website that hasn’t been updated since 2017 is dead. Sad news? It is great in theory, but in practice, it fell short. I’m out $50! Never buy something without first doing your homework!” So says Amazon.com.

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Sadly for Coffee Joulies, 24% of the reviews on Amazon are one-star, with many customers complaining that the product simply does not live up to its claims. Unfortunately, just 40% of reviews are positive. According to one approving review, “I was taken aback by all the negative feedback.

My wife got me the kit as a gift after watching Shark Tank (their Thermos and 5 beans). After four years of use, it is still functioning perfectly ” (per Amazon). Fans persist despite the product’s apparent unavailability on the market.

 Coffee Joulies Net Worth

According to the founder of Coffee Joulies, the company at the time of its participation in the shark tank was worth approximately $3 million.

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