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According to the Crawford County Sheriff, a Prisoner Who Took a Bag of Drugs Overdosed and Died

An inmate at the Crawford County Jail died of an apparent drug overdose on Saturday, according to the sheriff. On Wednesday, Van Buren County Sheriff Jimmy Damante posted some early information on the investigation into the death of 26-year-old Jacob Allen Jones to the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Damante said the state medical examiner verified Jones died of an overdose caused by the opening of a bag of pills he had ingested before entering jail. The Sheriff’s Office, however, won’t know what medications Jones ingested until it obtains toxicology findings.

“The deceased individual was apprehended by Van Buren police on an outstanding warrant,” Damante added. “The defendant, once caught and placed in the back of the cruiser, can be seen on camera removing a bag of pills from his person and attempting to conceal them by swallowing them. He entered custody and passed away a few hours later.”

According to Monday’s statement by Damante, Jones experienced a medical issue while incarcerated on Saturday. Jones missed his regular feeding, so a deputy went to check on him and perform CPR when he didn’t show up to retrieve his tray. Jones was taken to the hospital with a pulse but was later pronounced dead, as stated by Damante. The crime lab in Little Rock was then tasked with analyzing Jones’s remains.

Crawford County Sheriff
Crawford County Sheriff

According to the Sheriff’s Office’s online inmate registry, Jones was booked into the jail on Friday afternoon for two charges of failure to appear and one count of impeding governmental operations. The bail set for his release was $50,240. On Wednesday, Damante made public both his statement and the video footage from a Van Buren police car he described. Read more: Dorit and PK Divorce: Is It True or Is It Just a Rumor?

In the footage, Jones is seen sitting in the back of a police car with a man Damante has since identified as Jones’ uncle, David Alverson Sr. The two males are being held back. Jones seems to assist Alverson in locating and transferring a personal item. In the end, Alverson hands the object back to Jones, and the two of them are shown putting something into their mouths and ingesting it. Damante has promised to update the public on the circumstances surrounding Jones’ death when he learns more. Read more: Fixer Upper Couple Divorce: Is It True or Not?

If any of my staff are found to have broken our administrative policies, I will not hesitate to hold them responsible, Damante promised.

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