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Crime and Trump Take Center Stage in New York’s Sole Governor’s Debate

In the only televised gubernatorial debate of this election cycle, New York Governor Kathy Hochul and her Republican challenger, U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin, squared off on Tuesday. Topics of contention included illegal activity, abortion rights, and the deadly insurrection at the United States Capitol.

In New York’s Sole Governor’s Debate, The Main Topics Are Crime And Donald Trump

Hochul blasted Zeldin’s past support for abortion restrictions and for former President Donald Trump, while Zeldin vowed to repeal liberal criminal justice reforms and criticized Hochul’s push to send millions of dollars to abortion providers to expand access for a predicted surge in out-of-state patients seeking abortions.

Hochul criticized Zeldin’s past support for abortion restrictions and for former President Donald Trump. Hochul attempted to link Zeldin to Trump, who did not enjoy much support in New York, by calling him an “election denier” and a “climate change denier.” She also called Trump a “denier.”

Hochul added, “In Lee Zeldin’s universe, you overthrow the results of elections you don’t agree with.” Hochul was referring to Lee Zeldin’s views on the matter. In both Arizona and Pennsylvania, where the presidential election was held in 2020, Zeldin cast a vote against certifying the results.

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It was on January 6, 2021, that Trump’s followers invaded the Capitol in Washington, D.C., in an attempt to forcefully prevent Democrat Joe Biden from becoming president. This was in response to Trump’s false assertions that the presidential election in 2020 had been tainted by electoral fraud.

When a moderator of the discussion asked Zeldin whether he would vote against certifying the results again, he did not immediately answer yes or no to the question. Instead, he stated that he wished to concentrate on the future and work to enact voter identification regulations in order to safeguard the validity of elections.

Zeldin lauded Trump’s track record on a variety of measures, including those pertaining to Israel, the United States border, and the containment of pandemics. And when a moderator asked Zeldin if he would accept the results of the election if he lost, Zeldin responded, “Well, first off, losing is not an option. I will not accept the results of this election.” In the second place, to continue along the lines of your hypothetical inquiry, of course.”

Crime and Trump Take Center Stage in New York's Sole Governor's Debate

Hochul, the state’s former lieutenant governor who took office after her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, resigned to avoid a likely impeachment, has enjoyed a significant lead over Zeldin in a good deal of the polling that has been done this year. Zeldin is running for the seat currently held by incumbent Lee Zeldin.

But Zeldin is still in the running for the seat, and he has support from large portions of upstate New York. The results of some recent polls indicate that the distance between the contenders may be beginning to close. The Republican from Long Island has spent a significant portion of this year railing against a string of shootings and other violent acts, including an unprovoked attack on the New York City subways. Earlier this month, there was a drive-by gunshot that occurred in front of his house, and it resulted in the injury of two youngsters.

On Tuesday, Zeldin accused Hochul of not taking the concerns of New Yorkers about crimes on the subways and hate crimes targeting Jewish and Asian-American populations seriously. Zeldin made this accusation in a press release.

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