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Cut Board Pro Net Worth: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Keira, Kaley, and Christian Young, who are siblings and entrepreneurs, appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank and delivered one of the most emotionally charged pitches. As a result, they were able to clinch a contract with all five of the show’s investors. Their product, the Cup Board Pro, is a cutting board that comes equipped with a tray that makes it simple to collect fluids and food wastes. As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Cup Board Pro is worth $15 million.

Cut Board Pro Regarding The Original Pioneers

Even though Keira, Kaley, and Christian Young were the ones who presented the company idea on “Shark Tank,” their late father, Keith Young, was the one who came up with the idea for Cup Board Pro. He was a firefighter in New York City who has always had the desire to appear on the show “Shark Tank.”

In the year 2010, Keith developed the equipment with the intention of cutting down on the amount of time required to clean up the messes that were left behind after cooking. However, after one year of production, he was forced to discontinue it because Beth, his wife, was admitted to the hospital with breast cancer.

Beth passed away in 2012, with her husband standing by her side till the very end. In the latter part of that year, Keith participated in the Chopped competition on the Food Network. In the end, he won the title of champion on the show not once but twice.

Cut Board Pro Creating The Business Organization

Keith felt sure that he could finally bring his idea for a chopping board to fruition as a result of the success he achieved on the show Chopped. Unfortunately, in 2015, he received a diagnosis of cancer, which, according to reports, was brought on by the work he did as a firefighter after 9/11.

He passed away in 2018, leaving their three children to fend for themselves after he had abandoned them. The three siblings, Keira, Kaley, and Christian, found out that their father’s inventory consisted of approximately 2,000 cutting boards.

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As a result, they established an online store and promoted their wares on various social media platforms. They were able to sell approximately 300 units in just three weeks’ time. The youngsters came to the conclusion that they required assistance from genuine specialists, so they submitted an application to appear on Shark Tank.

Cut Board Pro What Happened After Shark Tank?

2019 marked the year that the Young Children made their debut in the Tank, which was then in its eighth season. They presented an offer that included a 10% ownership stake in their business in exchange for a payment of $100,000. The Sharks felt that this was a reasonable proposition; but, it was the story that motivated them to accept it.

Cut Board Pro Net Worth

The history of the product and its original designer, Keith Young, was a highly compelling aspect of the presentation that was given to the investors. In addition to that, they noticed that the cutting boards had a respectable margin of profit.

After asking for a moment to themselves, the five Sharks that were there — Lori, Mark, Daymond, and Kevin, as well as guest investor Matt Higgins – volunteered to split $100,000 for 20% of the business. However, they also guaranteed that 100 percent of the revenues would be donated to a foundation that helps injured firemen.

Cut Board Pro Net Worth 

Following the broadcast of their appearance on Shark Tank, the entirety of the company’s inventory was purchased in a matter of minutes. They received over one hundred thousand emails from people interested in purchasing one of their cutting boards.

By the end of 2019, they had sold over a million dollars worth of merchandise and 20,000 individual units. After this, the Sharks established a connection between the company and Williams-Sonoma, Inc., an organization that oversaw subsequent manufacturing and advertising endeavors.

Cup Board Pro quickly became Williams-most Sonoma’s popular product, propelling the company to the forefront of the kitchenware industry. Its latest annual revenue report is $3 million. This brings the total value of the company up to $15 million.

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