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Cynthia Bailey Finalizes Divorce from Mike Hill

Only two months after declaring that they were going their separate ways, Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill successfully completed their divorce. TMZ said that on Thursday, a court in Fulton County approved the dissolution of the couple’s two-year marriage after Bailey and Hill had come to an agreement over their divorce.

After the allegations that Mike engaged in “inappropriate extramarital encounters,” Bailey stated in her petition that the marriage was irretrievably destroyed and there was no possibility of a reconciliation between the two of them.

Hill is not going to make his own file to refute the claims, and he is refusing to do so. However, he was the one to sign the divorce agreement first, some days before Bailey did. On October 20th, Hill put his signature on the paperwork, and on November 1st, Bailey finally did the same.

Ironically, Bailey did not abandon Hill a year ago when the latter was defending himself against allegations that he had cheated on a woman via Snapchat. According to TMZ, Hill made a threat to take legal action at the time, stating that the charges were completely false.

Cynthia Bailey Finalizes Divorce from Mike Hill

Since the former cast members of The Real Housewives of Atlanta did not combine their individual bank accounts, tax returns, or real estate holdings during their time together, it is highly unlikely that any financial disagreements will arise.

On RHOA, Bailey revealed how enamored she was with Hill throughout the dating phase, which was a pivotal moment in the development of their relationship. His proposal was shown on film during the 12th season, and during the 13th season, Bailey and Hill went ahead with their extravagant wedding ceremony even though the pandemic was in full swing.

Bailey has discussed what led to the breakup of her marriage, adding that she realized they were done when the friendship between them deteriorated. “I had the feeling that if we didn’t put our foot on the brakes, it was just going to lead to us not being friends anymore,” she said.

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She mentioned that this was her second divorce and that RHOA had followed the ups and downs of her first marriage, which lasted for seven years and was to Peter Thomas. Bailey continued by saying, “This is not my first rodeo.” “I believe that there must always be a level of friendliness in a marriage.

Love is wonderful, but there also needs to be a strong foundation of friendship. I long to be with my very closest buddy in every way. According to Page Six, Bailey submitted her divorce petition to Hill in October, just a few days after the couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

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