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Is an anime adaptation of Ragna Crimson, the dark fantasy manga by Daiki Kobayashi in the works? Ragna Crimson is slated to get an animated adaptation, according to multiple credible sources, including Twitter insider @MangaMoguraRE. On the 20th of February, a well-known Weibo user hinted that a new Ragna Crimson anime might be in the works.

It will certainly be the next big hit anime if the animation is good. In 2023, Daiki Kobayashi’s dark fantasy manga is projected to be adapted for the cinema if it is revealed today. Season 2 of both Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen will premiere this year.

dark fantasy
dark fantasy

Since the Ragna Crimson anime based on Kobayashi’s work has not yet been officially confirmed, this is only unofficial news.

Ragna Crimson is a dark fantasy, thriller, realism, and action-packed manga series. Daiki Kobayashi wrote and drew it. It has been published by Square Enix since 2017 and serialized in the Monthly Gangan Joker Magazine since then. In February 2021, Square Enix will begin publishing manga in English. Under the GC Joker brand, a total of nine tankonbon volumes of the manga have been released. The manga is nearing its end and is expected to wrap up soon.

While you wait for the official announcement, check out the English Subbed Manga Trailer for ‘Ragna Crimson’.

Daiki Kobayashi has rekindled the dark flame of imagination via his work. In this new world, dragons rule the sky, land, and sea. It’s a location where humans are constantly in danger of being wiped out by gigantic dragons.

Ragna, a dragon hunter, sets out on a revenge-fueled mission to rid the world of that threat. Ragna and Leonika are completely focused on their hunt. These winged animals necessitate immense strength, which the protagonist receives from his future self at an important point in the story. Are you already reading the manga and eagerly awaiting the anime adaptation of Ragna Crimson?

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