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Dead in Sewage Tank at Pune Social Club, Two of the Workers Are Dead, and One Is Probably Stuck

Authorities in Pune announced on Friday morning that two construction workers had died from what is believed to be asphyxiation while working in a drainage chamber-cum-septic tank in the Wagholi neighborhood of the city. The incident occurred while the workers were performing their jobs inside the structure.
They indicated that the incident took place at a housing society and added that it is likely that another worker became locked inside the tank while the incident was taking place. During the incident, they stated that another worker may have become trapped inside the tank.

“The victims were working in a drainage-cum-septic tank that was around 18 feet deep when the accident occurred. It would appear that they were unable to breathe and that this caused them to become entrapped within the car.

Dead in Sewage Tank at Pune Social Club
Dead in Sewage Tank at Pune Social Club

At approximately seven in the morning, we were provided with an update on the situation, and upon arrival at the site, we removed the bodies of two workers who had been killed “a member of the fire brigade department of the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority is quoted as saying this in a statement made by the authority. Read more: After a 2-year-old Child Was Stabbed in a Detroit Residence, the Grandmother Was Arrested

He indicated that there is a possibility that one more worker is still trapped inside, according to the information that was supplied by the neighborhood residents.

“These witnesses have all come to the same conclusion, which is that there were a total of three persons working there. Outside of the tank, we also discovered three separate pairs of shoes, therefore the search for the third employee continues “according to what the official said. Read more: You’ve Arrived in Los Angeles, the City Where Political Careers Are Dead

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