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Derek Hough Accident: Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert Claim to Be “Both Fine” After a “Scary” Vehicle Accident

We’re talking about Derek Hough’s accident here. Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert claimed to have been involved in a car crash on December 12. Robert posted a new video to Instagram with the comment, “Derek and I got into a fairly nasty automotive accident in the highlands.”

The most difficult aspect of our incident was the fear of falling down the mountain due to the steep elevation, icy roads, and trees. The footage of the incident’s aftermath shows the couple’s trip to the ER, the damage to their car, and Erbert, 28, receiving stitches in her forehead.

The terrifying component, according to Hough, 37, was Hayley’s lack of recollection. After that, she was perplexed and enthusiastically suggested that we continue to dinner while her face was covered in blood. RHS Graduated EMT Who Died in I-80 Accident.

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“That frightened me,” he said, adding that Erbert “came to” when rescue services arrived 20 minutes after the collision. They rewarded themselves with food after leaving the emergency room. According to Erbert, one of the most difficult aspects of tonight was consuming her candies.

“It’s taken me a very long time to chew it because it aches because of this region,” Erbert said, referring to the freshly stitched spot on her forehead. “Bummer.” The former Dancing with the Stars contestants wrote in the post that they are “extremely appreciative for everything.”

First, Hayley Erbert stated in the caption that there were no other persons involved. “Second, the quick paramedic response. Last but not least, we both escaped with minor injuries, including a swollen face and four stitches above my brow.”

Hough was seen outside on Friday morning and appeared to be in a good mood. “Now, more than ever, we understand how fragile life is and how important it is to love those around you,” Erbert finished on an optimistic note. In conclusion, she stated that we wish everyone a safe, healthy, and pleasant holiday season.

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