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Des Moines Police Shot and Killed an Armed 16-year-old

The police reported that the juvenile suspect pointed a gun at the officers, which prompted multiple officers to fire their weapons and hit the suspect. Southwest Airlines flight cancellations have the Department of Transportation expressing “alarm.”

Russia claims responsibility for shooting down a Ukrainian drone that was near an airfield. DES MOINES, Iowa — During an armed confrontation that took place early on Monday morning in Des Moines, Iowa, police officers shot and killed a juvenile suspect.

The Detroit Metropolitan Police Department issued a press statement stating that police arrived at an apartment on the 400 block of East McKinley Avenue soon after midnight in response to a complaint about a domestic argument.

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The adult who called the police said that his 16-year-old relative had a firearm in his possession, according to the police. When the police got on the scene, they discovered that the adolescent was still armed and was with other members of their family. According to the police, they spent many minutes attempting to de-escalate the situation by negotiating with the suspect and appealing to him to put down his weapon.

According to authorities, the suspect in the mother-daughter homicide that occurred in Des Moines has passed away. After a crash on the SE 14th Street viaduct early Saturday morning, three people were sent to the hospital. According to the police, the adolescent suspect eventually raised the gun toward the cops, and numerous officers fired their handguns, hitting him.

Officers reportedly started administering CPR and other lifesaving techniques to the 16-year-old before paramedics arrived and took over the situation. After that, he was transported to the hospital, where he ultimately passed away.

According to the police, the officers’ body cameras had been capturing the encounter the entire time. The police department has placed all of the officers on critical incident leave, and each of them has served with the department for a minimum of five years.

According to statements made to Nearby 5 by locals who live in the area, the sound of police sirens may frequently be heard in the vicinity of the local apartment buildings. According to Eder Moreno, “There are numerous situations where it is possible for you to just arrive from work or school and then you’ll notice like two police cars in front of those apartments.”

Nevertheless, the neighboring area is typically quite tranquil, in spite of the fact that there are rare incidents. Moreno remarked that he has enjoyed his time spent living in this location. “Not that I can grumble. Really wonderful people living nearby. Fairly tranquil. To call this area home would be a wonderful decision.”

The Des Moines Police Department has not had an officer-involved shooting prior to this incident in the year 2022. Together with investigators from the Des Moines Police Department, the Division of Criminal Investigation of the Iowa Department of Public Safety is looking into the event.

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