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Did Anya Taylor-Joy Get Plastic Surgery?

Did Anya Taylor-Joy Get Plastic Surgery? Anya Taylor-Joy, who stars in the film Queen’s Gambit, has become a force to be reckoned with in the thriller and horror genres. The actress, who was born and raised in the United Kingdom, was given her first major role in 2015’s The Witch, and then appeared in 2016’s Split.

The recipient of the Golden Globe Award is currently starring in a variety of shows, and her devoted followers enjoy following her career as it develops. However, after Anya’s meteoric rise to prominence, allegations began to circulate that she had undergone plastic surgery.

In January 2021, an Instagram fan account called @celebplastic posted a series of photographs of Anya that were side-by-side and labeled “Then [and] now.” Not only that, but trolls on Twitter also suggested that she had plastic surgery.

Did Anya Taylor-Joy Get Plastic Surgery?

In January 2023, one user tweeted, “People were butthurt when someone tweeted that Anya Taylor-Joy doesn’t pass for her working-class character in The Menu. Come on! [Telexes] She has the appearance of a wealthy celebrity who has had extensive and pricey plastic surgery.

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When you compare her to how she seemed when she first started her profession, it becomes even more clear. The actress who stars in Last Night in Soho has spoken out about the bullying she endured as a child because of her unusually wide-set eyes, despite the fact that she has not addressed the rumors in a public forum.

She gave an interview to Elle in April 2021 and referred to how she was motivated to begin acting by saying, “It just really pushed me.” “I needed to act in the same way that Beth, the character from Queen’s Gambit, needed to play chess.

Instead of constantly questioning “What is wrong with me, and why do I not fit in?” I needed to believe that there was a place where I could be valued and appreciated, and where I actually had something to contribute, rather than having the feeling that “What is wrong with me, and why do I not fit in?”

In a separate interview that took place on the talk show hosted by Drew Barrymore in November 2022 and titled “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the actress from “Menu” discussed how she overcame the brutal scorn that she received when she was younger.

When Anya was teased about her appearance, her mother would tell her, “You look at the inner of somebody, you look at the inside of somebody,” she said, “I was very, very lucky with my parents because, when I was tormented for my looks, my mum always said, “You look at the inside of somebody.”

You don’t pay attention in class, and you don’t pay attention to anything else of the sort. You don’t take into consideration what they do for a living. It’s as simple as asking, “Do you like the way that person’s heart beats?”The actress known for her role in Emma stressed how important it was for her to keep in mind that her mother’s guidance was “very useful” as she was growing up.

Even though Anya has established herself as one of the most famous red-carpet fashionistas, she does not shy away from giving her followers on Instagram a glimpse of her everyday life at home. The winner of the Screen Actors Guild Award isn’t hesitant to show her fans the authentic version of herself, whether it’s a makeup-free photo or a funny incident from her travels.

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