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Divorce King Charles: Queen Elizabeth II confronted Camilla over divorce rumours.

Even though king Charles III counted heavily on his understanding and supporting wife, Queen Consort Camilla, in the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, the couple’s marriage was formerly fraught with difficulties. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they had problems in the past because it’s widely thought they had an affair when Prince Charles was still married to Princess Diana.

Camilla, 73, and Charles, 73, made their relationship public around two years after Diana’s death in 1997, and they wed in 2005. However, according to some with knowledge of the situation, things started to go downhill within a few years after their wedding.

During the difficult time they were going through, Camilla, 75, allegedly started “threatening to leak dirty secrets” about the monarchy out of spite, according to a source. Meanwhile, an insider at the palace said, “Things have become so terrible that they can’t even disguise it anymore.”

At one point in time, rumors of a divorce were circulating. At that time, the previously stated source leaked the following information: “The queen has been told Camilla is planning a divorce action, and she’s called her to a secret audience at Buckingham Place.”

The two resolved their differences, but Camilla’s relationship with her stepsons, Prince William and Prince Harry, who supposedly feel that she was responsible for their mother’s untimely death, remains strained.

In the 1990s, William is said to have confided in a friend that “She got her hooks inside my dad and never let go for even a single moment.” “That is the reason why my mother passed away; she ran away to Paris instead of staying safe with the rest of her family.”
Tina Brown, the editor of Vanity Fair, is under the impression that the Duke of Sussex “can’t tolerate” her to the point that he would criticize her in his upcoming biography.

Divorce King Charles
Divorce King Charles

It has been reported that Prince Harry is particularly displeased that Camilla has been given the title of Queen Consort. “William has embraced Camilla in light of what his mother and stepfather perceive her to mean to him. He has handled the situation with maturity, “I took notice of Brown. “On the other side, Harry can’t stand to be around Camilla. He doesn’t want Camilla to be queen.”


The relationship between Camilla and Charles was reportedly strained, as revealed by Radar.

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