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Divorce’s Effects on Children Explain Briefly?

Divorce is usually regarded as the second largest difficulty and source of pain for adults today, after only the death of a child. Can you fathom how divorce affects children, who have no ability for coping with gut-wrenching feelings and attachments if divorce has such a catastrophic impact on fully grown, mentally competent adults?

You understand your children better than anybody else. How will kids cope with the stress and anguish that their parents will face, or with the knowledge that their entire world is collapsing? Consider all of the changes they will have to deal with. It’s best to imagine the worst-case situation because it will be the truest. This article will simply confirm what you already suspected but hoped was false. Unfortunately, the truth is even worse than you could have anticipated.

My experiences as a divorce mediator and now as a marriage healer has led me to two huge conclusions, both of which are undeniably true. They are as follows:

  • There is no way for children to escape the sorrow and long-term consequences of their parent’s divorce. Saving your marriage is a MUCH easier and more realistic alternative than most people believe. Unfortunately, Marriage and Family Therapists will not discuss this. A therapist in Orange County, California, told me that it is now routinely taught in their psychological school that children of divorce are fine and that no one need be concerned about them.
  • Children will not be fine. The evidence is copious and obvious, and NO studies demonstrate a different result. However, because traditional marriage counseling has a success record of less than 10%, divorce and the consequent impacts on children have become accepted as a regular part of everyday life.
  • I guarantee that after reading this, you will not agree with me any more than I do. In this article, I shall discuss the following: For those who choose to go forward, the basic line is that if divorce is discussed, your children are already negatively impacted, and it will only get worse from here. This is why: When parents are unable to communicate, their children are not adequately safeguarded or nurtured. How could they possibly be? The peaceful, secure atmosphere they knew had been shattered.
  • Parents who are going through a divorce cannot be totally there for their children. And TV and video games are NOT substitutes for the attention that parents normally provide. Human children are not like fish, turtles, or insects’ progeny. Human children are spiritual and psychological beings, and in order to develop properly, they must grow up in harmonious households, safe from the storms of life.

The unfamiliar, complicated, and unpredictable lifestyle that comes with having two households after a divorce is the worst scenario possible for children. We expect them to have two “homes,” but in reality, they will have none. They essentially live out of suitcases. This is the age group for which credible and informative statistics are available.

Divorce Effects

The harm you inflict on your children is not the result of a lack of love or money. Consider the offspring of wealthy divorcees, such as movie stars. They are far from exemplary instability. In reality, statistically, none of the demographics based on money, race, religion, education, or any other element that most people believe “should” affect children have any effect at all. ALL youngsters require a stable family environment.

Everyone I’ve ever talked to about this has expressed remorse over the divorce because of the bad impact it had on their children. Nobody informed me it was worthwhile. No youngster is detached enough to ignore the visible evidence of trauma, let alone the inner struggle. Teachers can quickly tell when a child’s parents are divorcing. They have watched their bright star children create such a profound influence that it would make you cry.

The stress produced by missing their parents cripples children for life. Worse yet, it doesn’t stop there. They pass on the remaining psychological effects to their children as adults! And to their children’s children, in the same way, that concentration camp survivors or ex-combat veterans have an impact on future generations. The most significant distinction is that divorce is the decision of the parents.

You are not required to get a divorce. Unlike camp survivors and vets, most parents can choose to stay married and make their house a safe refuge for their children once more. Even if their children are the only reason, they can still fill it with love and parental harmony. In the end, I’ll go over ways to create family unity.

The numbers I chose come from unbiased, independent scientific investigations. My observations are based on my distinct and successful method of assisting marriages, which has a long and illustrious track record.

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