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Doctor Will Kirby, the Victor of “Big Brother 2,” is Now Legally Single After His Divorce Was Finalized

The divorce between Dr. Will Kirby and Erin Brodie has been finalized, and the “Big Brother 2” winner is now again a single man. TMZ’s copy of the decision confirms that neither he nor Erin will be responsible for paying alimony or child support and that the two of them will have equal legal and physical custody of their two children. The Instagram media is waiting for your approval to load.

Doctors say Will may keep his dermatological practice, valuables like gold and artwork, and, most significantly, Wrigley the dog. Erin packs up her belongings and leaves. Their Playa Vista home will remain in joint ownership… documents show they intend to stay until their daughter Scarlett, age 9, completes high school, after which they hope to either lease or sell the property. According to our news, the doctor filed for divorce last year, after being married for about four years.

What’s Up With Dr. Kirby?

The ‘BIG BROTHER 2’ Winning Doctor, Will Kirby, Has Filed for Divorce Despite Dr. Will Kirby’s notoriety as one of the most successful “Big Brother” contestants of all time, he has now filed for divorce.

Despite Dr. Will Kirby’s notoriety as one of the most successful “Big Brother” contestants of all time, he has now filed for divorce. After nearly four years of marriage to Erin Brodie, the “Big Brother 2” winner filed for divorce on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, according to public documents.

Their joint statement to TMZ, in which they say “while we are exploring what our future will look like, our relationship is stronger than ever, just not in a traditional sense,” suggests that they may have reconciled, but the reasons for their breakup remain unclear. We’re still dedicated to raising our two kids right and supporting one another through this change.

Kirby has taken use of the attention he received from Big Brother and his background in medicine by making guest appearances on various series. He was a cast member on Dr. 90210, demonstrating his work with patients headquartered in Beverly Hills. Kirby has volunteered his knowledge and ideas on The Doctors. On the previous season of Real Housewives of Orange County, he helped Tamra Judge’s son, Ryan Vieth, get rid of an ugly tattoo. He is the health and beauty correspondent for Life & Style and frequently gives his expert medical advice on talk shows.

Dr. Kirby has kept his professional life at the forefront, but he prefers to keep his private life out of the limelight. His wife Erin Brodie also appeared in a reality show, but she keeps her Instagram account secret. IMDb confirms Brodie’s 2003 victory in For Love or Money. According to TMZ, the couple is a parent of two.

Where Did Big Brother 2’s Dr. Will Go?

Because of his victory on Big Brother 2, Will has continued to get media attention. Dr. Will finally got what was coming to him in the case against his former Big Brother closest friend Mike “Boogey” Malin. Mike was found guilty of stalking and sending threatening texts to Dr. Will and was sentenced to pay $23,219 plus 10% interest. Meanwhile, Dr.

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