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Donald McEachin, a Longtime Member of the Charles City Governing Body, Passes Away

Charles City County was represented by Congressman A. Donald McEachin was at various levels of government throughout his career. He passed away at age 61. His passing was announced Monday night in a press release from Tara Rountree, the chief of staff.

The press announcement continued, “We are all grieved by the loss of our friend and boss, Congressman Donald McEachin. “For years, we have watched him valiantly battle and overcome the side effects of his colon cancer diagnosis in 2013.

He lost that struggle tonight, and the residents of Virginia’s Fourth Congressional District lost a hero who consistently stood up for them and placed their needs above his own. The news release concluded, “Our office will remain open and continue to serve our clients until a new representative is elected.

As the delegate for Virginia’s 74th District, McEachin started his endeavor to serve Charles City County in 1995. After winning in 2005, he continued to serve for an additional two years, bringing his total time in office to six.

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McEachin first won the Virginia Senate seat in 2007 and then again in 2011. In the general election for the US House of Representatives in 2020, McEachin prevailed. Just three weeks before he passed away, he was elected to office.

McEachin played a key role in securing money for Charles City’s expansion and broadband services. More than $2.6 million in funds was granted in March of this year to help District 3’s initiative to expand high-speed internet access.

Additionally, McEachin has opened opportunities for Charles City County kids. In addition to inviting Charles City students to serve as Senate Pages during the Virginia General Assembly sessions, he established scholarships for graduates.

On November 3, the day the Skipjack Solar Facility began operations in the county, McEachin made one of his final public appearances in Charles City County. There is no other information available at this time regarding McEachin’s passing. The details will be revealed at a later time. (This story is developing; there will be updates.)

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