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Is Dr. Oakley’s Marriage to Shane Still Going Strong? Does Anyone Know if They Have Children?

Divorce is more newsworthy than a wedding in today’s society. Unfortunately, in recent years, society as a whole has become increasingly intolerant, to the point where people are unwilling to even hear out their significant others. The couple has broken up as a result. Dr. Michelle Oakley and her husband Shane Oakley tied the knot in the ’90s. Dr. Michelle Oakley’s and Shane Oakley’s marital status has been the subject of fan speculation as of late.

When it comes to veterinary medicine, Dr. Michelle is a household name. Michelle married her college sweetheart. It was during their final year of university that they first started dating. They tied the knot after she completed her bachelor’s degree in zoology. Michelle received her degree as a veterinarian in the year 2000.

After working for the government for nine years as a veterinarian, she also founded her unique clinic. Cats and dogs alike can be brought to her clinic for care. Michelle also contributed her time as a volunteer to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Also, she worked for the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. Dr. Michelle Oakley oversees programs in both Scandinavia and Sri Lanka in addition to the United States.

Dr. Michelle Oakley and her husband, Shane Oakley, are the proud parents of two young ladies. The eldest child, Sierra, aspires to follow in her mother’s footsteps and work as a veterinarian in the Yukon. Maya is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Criminal Justice program at her university. They have a beautiful daughter and are very pleased. The question of whether or not Dr. Oakley and Shane Oakley are still married persists, though.


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Are Dr. Oakley and Shane Still Married?

Dr. Michelle’s family is her priority, even though she has a very busy schedule. Shane is a fireman and the Deputy Conservation Officer in addition to being Dr. Michelle’s husband. On December 10, 1992, the couple tied the knot in Hawaii. Dr. Michelle and Shane Oakley are still together after all these years. These two have been together for over twenty years, and they still manage to stay as popular as ever. Therefore, the question “Are Dr. Oakley and Shane Still Married?” receives a resounding yes.

While a student at the University of Michigan, Dr. Michelle Oakley worked as a field assistant in Yukon to investigate the ecology of northern ground squirrels. On her first trip to Canada, she was captivated by the territory’s breathtaking scenery.

During that time, she also met her future husband, the cherished Yukon local Shane Oakley. Wildland fireman Shane wed Hawaiian beauty, Michelle, on December 10, 1992. After they tied the knot, Michelle decided to enroll in The Atlantic Veterinary College on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet Divorce

Do They Have Kids?

Both of the couple’s daughters were born when Michele was a student at the veterinary college. Their first child, a daughter named Sierra Oakley, entered the world on July 15, 1997. After excelling in ice hockey for the Yukon at the 2015 Canada Winter Games, Sierra was a well-known athlete. She has spent her entire life watching her mother tend to pets. There’s a chance that Sierra’s mother’s work path served as an inspiration for her own professional choices.

Maya Oakley was born in the year 2000, the second child of Michelle and Shane. She is a sports aficionado like her sister, and in 2015 she even played goalie for the same team her sister captained at the Canada Winter Games. Maya and Sierra play crucial roles since they are seen to like working at their mother’s clinic over the summer. Willow Oakley was born in 2004, making Michelle and Shane’s youngest child.

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About Dr. Michelle Oakley

For hundreds of kilometers in the Yukon Territory, Dr. Michelle Oakley has been the only all-species veterinarian. Most of her customers live in “off-grid” areas, which means they lack basic services like reliable electricity and clean water.

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and the American Bald Eagle Foundation all rely on Dr. Oakley as their veterinarian-on-call in the Canadian territory of Yukon. She is an Indiana native with a zoology degree from Michigan. After marrying veterinarian Shane Oakley in 2000, she completed her doctoral studies at Atlantic Veterinary College.

Dr. Oakley also completed an internship at the Calgary Zoo, and she often volunteers there as a relief veterinarian. Dr. Michelle is very engaged with the online community. She currently has 84.3K Instagram followers. She also maintains an extensive presence on other platforms. Dr. Oakley shares animal photos and information about her research and practice on her social media accounts.

Her posts on Instagram and Twitter frequently feature cute animal photos. The celebrity seems to spend all of her time caring for animals. In addition, her older daughter is usually eager to lend a hand whenever she can. There are few more stunning or contented spouses than Dr. Michelle Oakley and Shane Oakley.

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