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Season 3 of Dr. Stone Will Air in 2023, With a Special Ova in 2022.

Dr. Stone has been renewed for a third season, which will premiere in 2023, although a new special episode will air this Summer.

Anime trailers and news can be found every year at the Japan-based JumpFesta convention in Tokyo.

However, the Dr. Stone franchise’s big disclosure was revealed in advance of the convention’s Senku-panel on Day Two, which featured a build-up to the December 2021 event.

A new OVA will be released this Summer, but the third season of the popular anime won’t premiere until 2023, which is both good and terrible news for anime fans.

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TMS/8PAN, the production studio behind Dr. Stone, has confirmed that the anime series will return for a third season. It was announced on social media on March 25th, just hours before the season 2 finale aired; yet, few fans were surprised by the announcement.

If a show is popular and has a lot of source material, it’s more likely to get renewed than a show that doesn’t. Dr. Stone currently has an IMDB rating of 8.2/10, a Crunchyroll rating of 4.7/5, and MyAnimeList ratings of 8.3/10 and 8.18/10 over both seasons, which is enough to warrant a one-season renewal.

More anime seasons are possible, as there is still a lot of manga remaining to adapt. AnimeGeek (formerly Monsters and Critics) claims that the TV show’s second season ended with an adaptation of up to chapter 83. (Volume 10). Because of the large number of volumes that have been released thus far, Dr. Stone fans can look forward to a final volume being released at some point in 2022.

Season 3 of Dr. Stone was always a “ten billion percent” certainty, given the amount of material left to adapt and the show’s success, but when will it air?

Dr Stone Season 3
Dr. Stone Season 3


Dr. Stone season 3 is set for release in 2023, which is a long time for fans of the popular anime series.

First reported via Weekly Shonen Jump’s Twitter page and by SugoiLITE (a well-known and normally dependable leaker). After the JumpFesta event, a special teaser trailer was released that officially announced a 2023 release date, see the following section.

An exact release date hasn’t been announced, but fingers are crossed that the anime series will return to the Winter programming schedule (January 2023) as the second season’s broadcast. The good news is that additional Dr. Stone content is being developed by TMS/8PAN – check below for further information.


Season 3 of Dr. Stone is scheduled to premiere in 2023, but a special OVA episode from the popular franchise will be published in Summer 2022.

As Ryusui Nanami, a significant character in the third season is introduced in this episode, the episode’s title is “TVSP Ryusui”. It has been claimed that Ryota Suzuki, who has previously voiced Yu Ishigami, Arai in Boruto, and Yukimaru in Fena: Pirate Princess, will voice Ryusui in Kaguya-same.

Neither a particular release date nor a window for international streaming for TVSP Ryusui has been provided. Crunchyroll has aired both seasons of the series, so it is believed that the episode will be available there as well.



Many anime fans are reading Riichiro Inagaki’s original manga series while they wait for new episodes to air.

An impending Dr. Stone symphonic concert in Tokyo, Japan, was recently reported on by the PR Times and contained an announcement that the series had sold a whopping 13 million copies.

Viz Media and Manga Plus offer access to all the English-language chapters of the series for $1.99 a month with a subscription to the service.

Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones, and the Bookshop sell physical versions, and Google Play, iBooks, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble provide digital editions. Additional information is available here.

As soon as new details about Dr. Stone’s season 3 become available, this post will be updated.

Tom Llewellyn – tom.llewellyn@grv.media – wrote the piece.

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