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Dramatic Floods Rattle Australia: a Lot of Homes and Businesses Are Still Flooded

This week, severe rains flooded homes and businesses in southeast Australia, and the rain is forecast to continue for weeks.

The Associated Press reports that at least one person has died from floods. On Tuesday, the corpse of a 46-year-old man was recovered from a submerged vehicle in Bathurst, New South Wales. According to authorities, one 63-year-old male in New South Wales and another in central Victoria have gone missing in the floodwaters.

The Guardian reports that some 70 residents in the Melbourne suburb of Maribyrnong were evacuated, and roughly 550 people in the New South Wales town of Forbes were either evacuated or isolated. Additionally, the communities of Rochester, north of Melbourne, Carisbrook, and Seymour, in central Victoria, were all given evacuation orders. As the neighboring Murrumbidgee River crested, residents of specific Wagga Wagga neighborhoods were forced to leave.

In Victoria, some 500 houses were flooded, and 108 people had to be rescued from the water between Wednesday and Friday, according to the State Emergency Service. Daniel Andrews, the premier, said that 4,700 people lacked access to energy. Read more: List Of the Top 5 Most Followers on Instagram

Dramatic Floods Rattle Australia
Dramatic Floods Rattle Australia

As Andrews put it, it is “quite certain” that more homes will be flooded. According to The BBC’s reporting, the floods were “one of the worst in decades” for the state.

There will be more rain in the forecast for the following six to eight weeks, starting next week.

On Friday, residents on the northern coast of Tasmania were forced to evacuate as rivers surged, a sign of the widespread flooding across the island. Read more: A Charity Helps the Council Fight Crimes Against People With Disabilities

You may view frightening photographs of the floods in southeast Australia by clicking through the slideshow above.

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