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Dwayne Johnson Announces Live-action Remake of Moana

A live-action remake of Disney’s 2016 animation blockbuster Moana is currently in development, according to Dwayne Johnson. The American actor described himself as being “very humbled” to reveal the news and said the tale was “emblematic of our culture’s grace, mana, and warrior might.”

With the assistance of the boisterous demi-god Maui, played by Johnson, the adventurous adolescent Moana embarks on a perilous expedition to save her people. Johnson announced the project in a little internet video that was shot with his daughters on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu’s beach.

He posted on Instagram, saying, “Deeply humbled to announce we’re bringing the magnificent narrative of Moana to the live-action big screen.” “This narrative is part of my culture, and it symbolizes the grace, mana, and warrior prowess of our people.”

Johnson included a dedication to his grandfather, high chief Peter Maivia, who served as an inspiration to him while playing the part of Maui, in the video. “I carry our culture proudly on my body and in my soul, and I am very moved by this once-in-a-lifetime chance to reunite with Maui, which was motivated by the spirit of my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia.

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We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with @DisneyStudios to share our narrative through song and dance, two fundamental aspects of Polynesian culture. Johnson’s daughters brought him a genuine duplicate of Maui’s enchanted fishing hook as the video came to a close. He questioned them, “Is Daddy Maui?” and they responded, “No!” “You want ice cream, guys? Daddy is Maui, Johnson informed them.


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