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Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Was Arrested for Fighting, Theft, And ‘Stupid Stuff’ Ahead of Sitcom

Dwayne Johnson, 48, created the sitcom Young Rock, which chronicles his modest background, turbulent adolescence, and early success as a collegiate American football star. Dwayne made £70 million as the world’s highest-paid actor last year, but he grew up in a household where the next paycheck was never certain.

Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Was Arrested For Fighting, Theft, And ‘Stupid Stuff’ Ahead Of Sitcom

“My life was tremendously convoluted, and growing up was incredibly difficult,” he remarked. Rocky Johnson, Dwayne’s father, was a World Wrestling Federation champion before there were large profits in the grappling game and would frequently struggle to pay the rent.

Dwayne had lived in 13 different states by the time he was a teenager. While his father continued to compete, Ata and Dwayne migrated to Hawaii, but money was still scarce, and Dwayne turned to thievery. Thirteen is when I started to stray off the tracks,” the Fast and Furious, Jumanji, and San Andreas star admitted.

Rocky Johnson, Dwayne’s father, would frequently struggle to pay the rent. “I started being arrested for fighting, theft, and other idiotic [things] I shouldn’t have been doing.” He and a group of friends would watch for wealthy travelers outside designer boutiques.

Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Was Arrested for Fighting, Theft, And ‘Stupid Stuff’ Ahead of Sitcom

“We would target the money, we would target the high-end clothes, and we would target the jewelry – turn around and sell it,” he recounted. Dwayne’s family was evicted from their one-bedroom flat when he was 15 years old.

When we go home, there’s a padlock on the door and an eviction letter,” he explained. My mother begins to cry. I’ll never forget how I felt.” Dwayne hated leaving Hawaii, where he felt most at home, but “the cosmos intervened” and they were kicked off the island. “We had no choice,” he recounted.

He was transferred to live in Nashville, Tennessee, with Bruno Lauer, a WWE friend of his father’s. Dwayne “repaid the favor” by giving Bruno a new Ford pickup truck on the set of Young Rock around the holidays. Because his idols were “men of action” like his “bad dude” dad and movie stars Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne channeled his fury at the upheaval into physique building.

While Dwayne Johnson’s name has become synonymous with rough dudes, the actor stated that he used to despise it. “I didn’t want to be recognized as Dwayne when I moved from high school to high school,” he explained. I introduced myself as Tomas. Dwayne with his father Rocky and mother Ata Maivia in 2015.

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