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Elizabeth Holmes pregnant: She has recently made an appearance in court, which has led to suspicion

Her most recent court appearance provided even more drama, which may surprise those who were under the impression that the Elizabeth Holmes case could not possibly contain any more twists and turns.

Several reporters noticed that the disgraced founder of Theranos appeared to be pregnant with her second child when she turned up at a hearing on Monday in her bid for a new trial. A key witness in her trial appeared to corroborate as much while testifying.

As Holmes made her way into the federal courthouse in San Jose with her father, Christian Holmes, and partner, Billy Evans, she was immediately surrounded by the media. At least one reporter questioned Holmes about whether or not she was expecting a child, but she refused to answer their question.

At the hearing on Monday, the judge listened to former Theranos lab director and key government witness Adam Rosendorff explain why he visited Holmes’ home many weeks earlier and spoke with Evans. The session’s goal was for the judge to hear Rosendorff’s explanation. However, Rosendorff disclosed more information than was anticipated by the observers.

Elizabeth Holmes pregnant
Elizabeth Holmes pregnant

Rosendorff stated in front of the court that he went to Holmes’ home because he was “increasingly upset” that her little kid would have to go through its formative years without a mother. He also stated, “it’s my understanding that Ms. Holmes may be pregnant again.”

This revelation generated a lot of buzz on social media, and several reporters reported that Holmes seemed pregnant. The fact that Holmes’s sentencing date is getting closer has spawned waves of conjecture from critics who believe that the pregnancy may be a trick on Holmes’s part to secure a more lenient punishment. There is also the potential that Holmes is pregnant again.

In response to the rumor, one individual tweeted, “If accurate, Elizabeth Holmes’ gambit is one of the most fundamentally cynical and manipulative attempts at dodging justice attempted by a white-collar criminal.” Someone else remarked, “Why on earth would she become pregnant knowing she had 20 years ahead of her? SICK.” Read more: Griff and Martha Thomas: Dead Bodies From 46 Years Ago Are Being Investigated Forensically

In January, a jury ruled that Holmes had illegally deceived investors by making false promises that Theranos had new blood-testing technology. As a result, the jury convicted Holmes of one count of conspiracy and three counts of fraud.

If Holmes’ motion for a new trial is denied, the date of her sentence has been set for November 18. Read more: Imran Ashraf, a Television Actor, and His Wife, Kiran Dar, Have Announced Their Divorce

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