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Emmitt Smith Divorce: Why He Decided to Separate With His Wife?

At the close of 2020, Emmitt Smith and his longtime wife Patty announced they were divorcing. “We are making public that we have chosen to part ways after much thought and prayer. As co-parents and friends, we shall carry on with mutual respect, understanding, and kindness.

Who is Emmitt Smith?

On May 15, 1969, Emmitt James Smith III came into the world. During his time in the NFL, Smith played as a running back. Emmitt James Smith has also played for the NFL (National Football League). He was a member of the team for 15 years. Emmitt Smith’s most notable career was spent with the Dallas Cowboys. After putting so much effort into his passion and profession, Emmitt Smith deserves to break many records. Smith won over fans’ affections with each touchdown he scored in these games.

emmitt smith divorce
Emmitt smith divorce

Born and bred in Florida’s Pensacola, Emmitt James Smith moved to the Big Apple at 19. The passion for his sport was always there, like a second skin. When he made his debut on the football field, he was just eight years old. The Salvation Army funded the team. Mary J. Smith and Emmitt James Smith, Jr. raised Emmitt Smith to be confident in himself and his abilities.

Emmitt Smith graduated from Escambia High School. Pensacola is the location. He was an athlete in high school, participating in football and track for the Escambia Gators. The squad accomplished a lot while he was a part of it. Hence, his name was in the headlines. By the time Emmitt Smith graduated from high school 20 years later, he had been honored as the “player of the century” by the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). It would be impossible to enumerate his accomplishments in a single paragraph.

Pat Southall, who went by her middle name Patricia, is the former Miss Virginia USA who married Emmitt Smith. They tied the knot on April 22, 2000. He’s got a brother, a stepdaughter, and three kids with his wife, Pat.

Emmitt smith’s divorce?

The two events, while similar, serve different purposes than a marriage. Maintaining a happy marriage requires work from both spouses. What about holding a happy marriage? It’s only fair to at least attempt to fulfill your partner’s demands. According to rumors about Pat and Emmitt Smith, they fell madly in love. They’ve been married for two decades now. Yet, as the adage goes, “no matter how hard you try, few things ever conclude.”

Pat and Emmitt Smith experienced a similar situation. The relationship between them has died. They have loved and supported one another without condition for 20 years, but things have reached a point where they can no longer go back. The Smiths’ marriage was stunning, and Emmitt’s career was impressive. Something like this doesn’t come up very often. Seeing a contented couple’s relationship end in such a way after so many years is too sad to believe. Saddening, indeed.


Smith and pat have loved and supported each other for a long time, but in the end, they decide to break up their relationship. They both don’t want to live with each other.

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