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Employee of Wisconsin Museum Fired for Wearing Hitler October 31st Costume

AP — Madison, Wisconsin After he appeared at Halloween weekend dressed as Adolf Hitler, a Wisconsin man with cognitive impairments was fired by the Madison Children’s Museum. According to the museum, the individual who donned the outfit on a popular roadway close to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus on Saturday thought he was mocking the leader of the Nazi Party.

After his outfit was criticized on social media and by other media sites, including the Jerusalem Post, he was fired on Tuesday night. According to a statement released by the museum, the individual was let go because his continued employment “would create an environment at variance with our values and unwelcoming to visitors and staff,” the statement read. According to the statement, the man’s costume was “totally unacceptable,” and the museum opposes hate, prejudice, and discrimination.

The individual, according to the museum, has cognitive impairments brought on by a catastrophic brain injury, and his work over the past ten years has been closely supervised. The statement read, “It is our belief that he considered his outfit to be ridiculing Hitler.”

The outfit was described as “offensive and reprehensible” by the Madison Police Department, although wearing it was not considered a crime. According to the police, they informed the man about the issues his costume brought up.

According to the woman who gave birth to the man, her family requests privacy as they consult with experts on “this sensitive topic.” Deborah Gilpin, president, and CEO of the museum did not promptly respond to a Wednesday follow-up message from the Associated Press seeking more information.

The man’s costume was described as “nauseating” by StopAntisemitism, an organization that tracks antisemitic incidents. The costume was condemned by UW Hillel, an organization that provides assistance to more than 4,000 Jewish students enrolled at the institution, adding that “our community cannot stand for this behavior.”

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