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Entrechat Mum in ‘divorce’ Discussions with Her ‘led zeppelin’ Partner

On the Encrochat network, a mother who worked as an accountant for a drug organization discussed divorcing her husband. Faye Dunn, 38, was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison after Liverpool Crown Court heard she was a money launderer for a cocaine group. Dunn, a former Tranmere Rovers player, utilized the Encrochat network to contact criminals involved in the cannabis trade.

Barrister Nicola Daley told Liverpool Crown Court that Dunn communicated with a user identified as ‘Ledzeppelin’ under the Encore alias ‘StiffNinja.’ According to court documents obtained by the ECHO, Liverpool resident Stephen Canty used the handle LedZeppelin.

 England player turned drug lord enjoyed high life with ‘Led Zeppelin’ dealer. Dunn was considering divorcing Mr. Canty, who is from Liverpool, according to the ECHO. According to the court affidavit, “another handle Faye Dunn was in contact with was ‘Ledzepplin,’ with whom she discussed divorce aspirations.”

The court heard how Dunn sent Mr. Canty a lengthy message on the Encrochat network on May 8, 2020, after traveling from Portsmouth to Santander in northern Spain. When Mr. Canty questioned if the authorities wanted to see her rent bill or phone, she stated, “No, they asked me to email it but I blagged the feller and got him partly forget so he let me just do him… They wouldn’t have let me go if there was a problem.

Plus, I didn’t seem fazed in the least, so I think they were relieved that it was genuine… I had another small black bag with me, which I hid among my files. “I didn’t allow them to touch the other black bag, and I put the other one down my keks behind my back and was just talking to them to divert them halfway.” Except for my wedding band, I had removed all of my jewelry… If I call you normally and say “Liverpool,” please get this phone wiped.

Dunn’s father, Michael, also communicated with Mr. Canty via the Encrochat network. Michael Dunn texted Mr. Canty on May 15, 2020, saying, “OK lad I going to give your mate 5k in min having a hard time with jackets kid has half done.”

The ECHO has seen pictures of Dunn with Mr. Canty. The photos appear to be from Spain and include visits to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and beaches. Dunn, who also went by the surname Canty, was arrested in June at Manchester Airport on suspicion of drug offenses. She was charged with conspiracy to supply cannabis and money laundering a few days later.

Dunn, who is connected to a variety of firms in Merseyside, and her father were convicted on September 6 at Liverpool Crown Court. While Dunn was sentenced to prison, Michael’s sentence was suspended. Faye Dunn was essentially an accountant and played an integral part in laundering hundreds of thousands of pounds,” Detective Constable Michael Steventon said following the sentencing. Her Encrochat account revealed that she had planned to supply 24kgs of cannabis.

I hope this sentencing sends a clear message to criminals that crime does not pay – we are taking action and bringing drug dealers to prison.” We shall be tenacious in our hunt of criminals. “I would encourage anyone with knowledge about who is supplying or selling drugs in their area to contact us so that we can take appropriate action.”

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