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Excellent Anime Fan Gifts

If you need a gift for a birthday, Christmas, or other occasion, anime fans can be challenging to buy, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the ” slots online NZ ” industry. Let me first give a brief introduction to anime. Japan is where anime, a form of animation, first emerged. In essence, you could refer to it as a Japanese adaptation of cartoons. Anime has some significant differences, though. While American animation is frequently geared toward young audiences, there are many different types of anime that are appropriate for people of all ages and interests. For instance, there are anime series specifically made for young boys, girls, women, and so forth. Additionally, there are anime series for adults with more explicit themes and content. There are numerous different thematic anime subgenres, such as those focused on robots (known as mecha), romantic anime, combat anime, and so forth.

You need to know what anime series, or at least what kind of anime series, the anime fan in your life likes before you can choose a great present for them. Look through their DVD collection or see what they watch on TV to find out. Here are some ideas for gifts that are certain to please anime fans once you know which series they enjoy:

The Japanese equivalent of comic books or graphic novels is known as manga. Numerous anime shows are adapted from manga series. The original manga that inspired their favorite anime would be adored by any anime fan. You can typically find some original Japanese manga on eBay and at Japanese importers like JustManga and Manga.com. You can find English-translated manga books for the most well-known anime series, like Inuyasha, at many large bookstores.

Dvds Of Live-Action And Japanese Dramas

A fan of Sailor Moon, for example, might be interested in some anime and manga series that have live-action adaptations. Consider giving your anime fan some Japanese TV drama series if they appear interested in Japanese culture. There are numerous Japanese drama series for tweens and teens, most of which are set in or around high school. Check out Hana Yori Dango, Nodame Cantabile, and Gokusen; they were all based on anime or manga series, or both. Look for these series on eBay and sites like YesAsia. Get the English-subtitled versions if possible.

Toys A variety of toys are available for some anime series, including Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and others. Try to purchase some of the imported toys from Japan if you truly want to give someone a special gift. Action figures, vehicles, stuffed animals, models, and dolls are among the available toys. Major toy retailers carry toys for the most well-known anime series; for less well-known series, try eBay, YesAsia, and other import websites.

  1. Games On Video

Video games are based on many of the most well-known anime series, including Naruto, Inuyasha, and Bleach. What anime fan wouldn’t want to play as their favorite character in a video game? This is a fantastic gift idea. So that you can purchase a game for their specific console or handheld, be sure to find out what gaming system they own.

  1. Music

Because the soundtracks to the majority of anime series feature well-known Japanese musicians and bands, many anime fans become interested in Japanese culture through anime. You could give them the series’ soundtrack or even a few JPOP or JROCK CDs. Japanese pop and rock music are referred to as JPOP and JROCK, respectively. Find a lot of artists on eBay and YesAsia. Ayumi Hamasaki (pop), Utada Hikaru (pop/R&B), Arashi (pop boy band), L’Arc-en-Ciel (rock band), Morning Musume (pop girl band), and many others are well-known Japanese musicians.

  1. Antiques And Decorative Items

For some series, there are also a ton of collectibles and decorative items available. Think about limited-edition toys, photo albums, calendars, posters, and animation cells. Both YesAsia and eBay carry these.

  1. Clothes And Clothing

Cosplay is the term for when anime fans dress up as their favorite characters. Discover their favorite character, then buy them a costume or other accessories. A play sword or necklace similar to the one Inuyasha wears, for instance, would be loved by an Inuyasha fan. Alternatively, go all out and buy them a full costume replicating their preferred character. CosplayMagic.com is one place to look.

  1. Books Or Software For Languages

Consider giving your anime fan a book or audio learning set to help them learn to read and write Japanese if they have a sincere interest in Japanese culture. If you’re having trouble finding presents from their favorite anime series, this is a great gift choice. Given how important it is for their future that they learn a new language, this is also a gift you can feel good about giving.

  1. Food

If your anime fan is interested in Japanese culture, they might like to try some of the food they have seen being consumed in anime and dramas, such as sushi and Pocky. Sushi-making supplies, Japanese candies and gum, Pocky (a chocolate-covered pretzel), oddly flavored Japanese KitKat versions, and more are some ideas. AsianFoodGrocer and other Japanese food import websites carry a wide variety of Japanese candies.

Shojo: Anime For Girls

The rise of anime, or Japanese animation, has been one of the biggest successes on television and DVD over the past few years. This style of television, which has its roots in comic books and has experienced its most recent and arguably biggest success on the small screen in the West, ranges from the genre-defining classic Akira to the most recent Sailor Moon tales. However, despite the perception that anime is a distinctly male genre due to a penchant for robot gun suits and psychotic megalomaniacs, there are a number of more female-friendly anime that prove the opposite.

Shojo (or shojou as it’s sometimes called) anime is finding a sizable audience whose preference for romance and love over robotic destruction is due in large part to its younger and female-oriented demographic. Due to the popularity of this more recent anime, the DVDs would make an ideal gift for any female friends or family members who wouldn’t normally give anime even a minute of their time.

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