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Expat Guide Turkey Famous Turkish Singer Hadise Divorce!

Hadise-Mehmet Dincerler, who didn’t announce their split, divorced. Hadise claimed on Mehmet Dincerler’s social media account, “I launched a divorce lawsuit since we couldn’t reach an agreement.” Happy birthday, Mehmet! Everyone that helped me.”

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Who is Hadise?

Belgian-Turkish singer-songwriter, dancer, and TV personality Hadise Acikgoz Dinceler (born 22 October 1985). Her Lezgin-Kumyk family settled in Sivas, Turkey. She came to stardom after releasing her debut album Sweat in 2005. In 2003, she competed in the Belgian singing competition Idol 2003. The album produced five hits and garnered Hadise a TMF and Golden Butterfly Award (Turkey). Hadise’s self-titled album launched her career in Belgium and Turkey (2008). The album comprises English and Turkish songs, including the smash “Deli Olan.”

Hadise represented Turkey in 2009 with “Düm Tek Tek.” The song scored 177 points, putting Turkey in fourth place. “Düm Tek Tek” was Hadise’s first number one song in Belgium. Fast Life (2009) and Kahraman (2010) followed (2009). Kahraman’s “Evlenmeliyiz” topped Türkçe Top 20. She has since released Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer? (2011), Tavsiye (2014), and ampiyon in Turkey (2017).
Hadise has been a judge on O Ses Türkiye (Turkish version of The Voice) since 2011.

Who is Hadise’s husband?

Hadise, who has been dating Mehmet Dincerler for a short while and recently confessed her love for him, is overjoyed.

Expat Guide Turkey Famous Turkish Singer Hadise Divorce!
Expat Guide Turkey Famous Turkish Singer Hadise Divorce!

The singer, who frequently uses her social media account, does not feel the need to hide her intimate moments while posing with her boyfriend to benefit her fans.
An interest in Mehmet Dincerler’s Life was created when it was reported that he was in love with the singer Hadise. Mehmet Dincerler is the Turkish CEO of a well-known coffee firm in Bodrum.

Mehmet Dincerler, who is Burhan Dincerler’s son, is discussed in more depth in the following.

The everyday activities of successful businesspeople piqued people’s interest.

Sincerely, who was once in a relationship with Asena Atalay, dated Hande Ercel in 2017.
After spending their respective vacations in Tulum and Bodrum, the pair was captured in a snapshot for the first time together once they returned to Istanbul.

As the news publication Magazine reported, the duo is reportedly seen leaving a location in style while holding hands.

Mehmet Dincerler kept his composure even when one member of the couple, Hadise, became frantic after realizing they were being watched, broke free from her lover’s grasp, and raced to her vehicle.

Story of divorce?

Hadise and Mehmet Dincerler, who did not come to the plan with the news of their separation, have officially divorced. On Mehmet Dincerler’s social media account, where she announced that they would be divorcing, Hadise stated, “I would like to share with you that I initiated a divorce case since we could not conclude it with an agreement. I hope that Mehmet finds success in all aspects of his Life. Everyone who participated was beside me in this endeavor.”
Hadise and Mehmet Dincerler, who tied the knot in a private ceremony in April last year, decided to end their marriage and pursue a divorce. The first statement was made by Hadise, who has been at the center of the controversy with her allegations of separation for some time.
The singer made the following statement on her Instagram account, which she posted in confirmation of the divorce claim: “I would like to share with you that I initiated a divorce case since we could not terminate it by agreement.” I hope that Mehmet finds success in all aspects of his Life. I’d want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped. I am participating beside you in this endeavor. Mehmet Dincerler’s reaction to Hadise’s action came quite quickly after it had been taken. Mehmet Dincerler removed all the pictures he and his wife Hadise posted on Instagram.


Hadise-Mehmet either reluctantly agreed to the terms of a divorce settlement or decided to separate. Either they initiated the divorce without the other one’s permission, or they both agreed to it. There were also speculations that they were going to be married again, but none of them responded to such allegations.

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