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Experts Fear Inclement Weather May Have an Impact on Voter Participation

Some experts are worried that the weather could reduce turnout on Tuesday as a major storm moves into the Southland, bringing with it heavy rain, snow, and strong winds. Up to five inches of precipitation are predicted in some areas, which has already led to the issuance of evacuation orders or advisories in a number of regions owing to the possibility of floods and debris flows.

Victor Ramirez, a Norwalk resident, claims, “It wouldn’t stop me.” No matter how awful it is, I want to make sure my vote is counted. Zev Yaroslavsky, Director of the LA Initiative at UCLA’s Luskin School of Public Affairs, predicted that while some voters claim they’ll make sure to cast their ballots on Tuesday regardless of the weather, it may actually be the contrary.

Yaroslavsky stated, “Rain will make a difference in a close contest,” indicating that some Republican voters’ voting possibilities may be ruined by inclement weather. Democrats used to cast more ballots in person than Republicans did in the past, but recent elections seem to have reversed those tendencies.

He claimed that the Trump doctrine, which claims that voting by mail is fraudulent, has permeated into the California republicans as well. Due to the weather, Orange County’s Library of the Canyons in Silverado, which serves as a voting site, has already declared that it will be closed on Tuesday. This could make it more difficult for some residents to cast their own ballots.

Yaroslavsky also claims that some voters may alter their voting procedures as a result of the weather and that if more voters choose to cast mail-in ballots, the results may take longer than usual to be counted. As additional votes are counted, he predicted that some election night outcomes would change.

Yaroslavsky referred to the June primary elections as “several races across the city and the county where people who were ahead on election night lost their elections or were behind by the time all the votes were counted.” The Southland’s voting locations will be open until 7 p.m. on Monday night and will open again at 7 a.m. on Tuesday for Election Day.

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