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Fatal Granite Bay Crash: 3 Passengers and the Driver Are Named

The three passengers were identified by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office as Patrick Gainer, 65; Paul Hammack, 53; and Karan Pannu, 45. They later determined that the driver was Jerry Capel, age 61. Around nine o’clock in the evening, the collision occurred between the East Roseville Parkway and Brackenbury Way intersection, according to California Highway Patrol.

Lend money from your house rather than a bank.  According to Ad LendingTree CHP, a white Mercedes driver was traveling too fast east on Roseville Parkway when he ran off the right side of the road, struck a tree, and then struck another tree. At the site, the driver and his three passengers passed away.

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People who live close to the accident scene told ABC10 that they were shocked when they learned about it. Alison Ward, a resident of Granite Bay, said, “I would say it’s a tight-knit neighborhood in Treelake of around 500 homes… that’s why everyone I know who’s been talking about this is sad.” “Hearing from friends and neighbors was extremely upsetting. This is chilling to see.”

Thursday’s entire day was spent by neighbors walking by the crash site, which serves as a monument for the four deceased. Ward claims that a persistent issue on E Roseville Parkway is speeding. “I think people move really quickly. I get the impression that this is a see-and-be-seen street “She spoke. “Perhaps you need some sort of speed-posting radar enforcement.”

According to CHP Auburn, they have been enforcing the law on the highway after getting speeding complaints. All motorists are being urged to slow down so they can arrive safely. “The holidays are upon us. We want to ensure that everyone arrives at their destination without incident “Yvette Norman, a public relations officer for CHP Auburn, said.

It is unknown if drugs or alcohol played a role in the collision. The collision is being looked into. Timeline What is known regarding the deaths of a CHP commander and her spouse may be seen in more detail on ABC10.

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