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FBI Now Assisting in Benton County Hunt for Missing Pregnant Woman

A 33-year-old pregnant lady from Benton County has now been missing for more than 48 hours after she was last spotted with a woman she met online who she believed would aid in her job search. The mother of three, Ashley Bush, who will soon have a fourth child, vanished on Monday, October 31.

According to her fiancé and detectives, she was last seen with Lucy, a lady she met online while looking for a new job that allowed her to work from home. Investigators from Benton County have been searching for information about the 33-year-old mother nonstop in an effort to find her safely.

The sheriff’s office claims to have pursued multiple leads from the local community and to have made “new findings,” but owing to the continuing investigation’s sensitivity, they aren’t releasing any specifics just yet. It is reported that investigators are examining the Oklahoma and Missouri state borders, with a purported specific focus on Missouri’s southern region.

The FBI has officially acknowledged that it is collaborating with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office to find Bush. The FBI in Arkansas’ Connor Hagan expects to provide additional details soon. Associated: Missing pregnant woman in Benton County’s fiancé begs for her safe return

When Bush’s fiancé arrived to pick up Lucy at the Handi-Stop in Maysville to pick up Bush for an interview, he claimed to have seen Lucy make eye contact with him before driving away. Lucy, who was last seen with Bush, was meant to take Bush to Bentonville for the interview.

When her family contacted the company that Bush was purportedly interviewing with, they were informed by the company that no one by the name of Lucy worked there. The workers at the Handi-Stop, where Bush was last seen, were shocked to learn of her abduction.

Even though Hand-Mart sees over 300 different visitors per day and is a popular rest point for tourists, locals claim that everyone knows everyone there. “We occasionally have visitors who will be meeting someone else. However, it frequently happens if they are selling someone something. It’s a convenient place for gatherings. Sadly, though, it has devolved into something negative,” Handi-Stop head cashier Angela Jordan said.

Her family isn’t giving up while Benton County detectives look for Bush. A day after she was last seen, Bush’s fiancé, Josh Willis, spoke about his need to have his fiancée brought home. He claims that today, having not heard from her since Monday afternoon—a full 48 hours—his fear has intensified.

After discovering her cell phone in a ditch and preventing her from contacting her family, Willis claims he is now even more concerned. Today’s crucial ultrasound appointment was also missed by Bush. Black pants, a black hoodie, and black slip-on shoes were Ashley Bush’s last known outfits. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 210 pounds, and has blue eyes and red hair.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office requests that you get in touch with Detective Susan Matthews at (479) 271-1008 if you have any information regarding her whereabouts. You can also get in touch with your neighborhood police department on your own.

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