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Fifty Vehicles Pile Up After I-25 Accident in Denver

After at least two distinct incidents involving multiple vehicles colliding head-on on Sunday, traffic on Interstate 25 was held up for many hours. Because of the winter weather, the situation became much more severe, and the highway was afflicted with both lane closures and traffic congestion.

At approximately four o’clock in the afternoon, the Denver Police Department tweeted that they were investigating a crash involving multiple vehicles that occurred on the northbound I-25. The Denver Fire Department estimates that there were at least fifty vehicles involved in the collision.

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There were no significant injuries recorded at all. Because traffic was being rerouted onto surface streets, the lanes heading northward were closed. After the collisions, the Denver Police Department sent out notices regarding the accidents.

Another collision involving many vehicles took place on southbound Interstate 25 several hours earlier. This one included at least 20 vehicles. According to reports, there were five persons hurt in the collision, but the police have stated that there were no fatalities. The accident was caused by the weather, and crews had to restrict lanes as a result.

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