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Folsom California Divorce Attorney: Explain Briefly!

I have extensive expertise as a competent Folsom, California divorce lawyer. I’ve heard that divorcing in California is as easy as just dividing up the furnishings and whose turn it is to pay the bills. It’s not uncommon for custody disputes to arise during a divorce in the Golden State. If you’re going through a divorce, I can explain what you need to know to look out for yourself and your loved ones, no matter what kind of divorce you’re going through.

I will personally represent you in court and work with you one-on-one to reduce tension and stress. Many of my customers just don’t have time to come in for scheduled consultations since they’re so busy with their own lives. Between working and making sure their children get to and from school and extracurricular activities, few single parents have time to contact an attorney.

This is something I can assist you with. I serve clients in California as a divorce and family law attorney both in-person and remotely. I provide my customers with a private, password-protected, user-friendly, and individualized client portal. At your convenience, you can access case information, send me messages, share and review files, and make payments.

Family Law And Divorce Attorney In California

Please contact me to arrange a no-cost phone appointment and learn more about how I may assist you. California’s legal system refers to divorce as “dissolution” because it ends the marriage. Certain matters must be addressed in accordance with legal requirements when a marriage is dissolved: All property, both real (such as a house) and personal (such as furniture and clothing), acquired during the marriage must be split evenly.

Both parents are required by law to provide financial assistance for their kids through child support payments. The primary considerations in determining child support are (1) the parent’s ability to financially provide for the child and (2) the parent’s time spent with the child.

Folsom California Divorce Attorney

California’s Two Divorce Electives

The first type of divorce is the “summary dissolution,” in which neither party needs to show up for a court hearing. You and your spouse must have been married for fewer than five years, you must not have any children together, you must not have accumulated significant debt during your marriage, you must not have much in the way of joint assets or debts, and neither of you must be seeking spousal support from the other.

Even while you don’t necessarily need a lawyer to do this, you should schedule some time to speak with one just in case. When getting a divorce in California, be careful that you do not unwittingly waive any legal protections. Second, there are three distinct types of regular dissolution:

To qualify as amicable or collaborative, you and your spouse must agree to forego filing any legal documents until you have resolved all of your differences amicably. You often work either with a mediator or with your own counsel to reach a resolution. When all difficulties are resolved, the divorce can be filed with the court as an uncontested dissolution by submitting the necessary documentation.

In California, a contested divorce is the norm. A majority of “typical” divorces in the Golden State have some areas of agreement and some areas of disagreement. A judge must make the decision and issue the court order when you and your spouse can’t come to an agreement.

When divorcing couples in California cannot come to an agreement, the process can take a long time and cost a lot of money in the state’s judicial system. Contested divorces typically cost around $50,000, but can go much higher if there are contentious disputes over children or property.

I have worked with divorcing couples before, so I know how to help them navigate the many challenges they may face. My intention is to assist you in maintaining a calm environment, fostering greater cooperation, and locating a peaceful resolution at a low cost so that you can plan for the future with confidence.

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