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Garth Brooks Divorce, Explaining the Circumstances of the Divorce That Cost Him Millions

Garth Brooks Divorce: Garth Brooks’ divorce startled many fans. Their 15-year marriage ended in 2001 after a protracted, publicized legal fight and one of country music’s priciest settlements. What happened?

Who is Garth Brooks?

On February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the world was introduced to Troyal Garth Brooks. His parents, Troyal Raymond Brooks Jr. (1931-2010), an oil company draftsman, and Colleen McElroy Carroll (1929-1999), a country singer of Irish descent who recorded for Capitol Records and featured on Ozark Jubilee in the ’50s, were his inspiration to become an artist.

Brooks has four elder half-siblings thanks to his parents’ second marriages (Jim, Jerry, Mike, and Betsy). Kelly and Garth were the couple’s offspring. In Yukon, Oklahoma, one family regularly held talent shows for friends and neighbors. Children were obligated to perform songs or skits if they wanted to take part. In addition to the guitar, Brooks has picked up the banjo.

When and Where Did Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl First Meet?

Sandy Mahl, who would later become Garth Brooks’ first wife, originally grabbed the attention of Garth Brooks after she had thrown a punch and gotten her hand stuck in a women’s lavatory in a pub. It would appear that the couple fell in love at first swing and began dating shortly thereafter when they were both students at Oklahoma State University.

Brooks and Mahl became close via their shared love of music, and soon after Brooks’ graduation, the two traveled to Nashville, where Mahl would go on to play a critical part in the development of Brooks’ career. Even Garth Brooks gave her credit in two of the songs on his debut album, in which she appeared. Read also: Katie Darling: Everything We Want to Know!

What Went Wrong With Garth Brooks’s Marriage?

The choice that Brooks took in 1999 to lay low on his business and become a better parent to his three girls made him realize the worst possible outcome: that he can no longer be a husband to his wife. This was an unfortunate twist of fate that occurred as a result of Brooks’ decision. The couple tied the knot in 1986 and didn’t end their marriage until 2001.

garth brooks divorce
garth brooks divorce

In an interview for a documentary about her ex-husband that was conducted with Garth Brooks’ first wife, she said that the time they spent apart was what ultimately led to their divorce. As a musician who went on tour, he would be gone for eight to ten weeks at a time, and when he returned, people would never stop trying to get him to attend parties. Additionally, he was frequently seen at award events throughout the years. They diverged very rapidly as a result of this. Read also: Emily Gould Divorce, How Did She Spark Divorce Rumors?

When the documentary was finally made available to the public, Brooks stated that he had gained a great deal of knowledge from Mahl’s remarks. She was incredible to him, but there was just so much going on for him, and there were things she was trying to tell him that he didn’t hear until the biography was written about her. Until then, he didn’t realize what she was trying to tell him.

The Fight in the Courts

The pair made public their decision to end their marriage in March of 2000, and on November 6, 2000, they petitioned the Davidson County Circuit Court in Tennessee for a divorce, claiming the inability to reconcile their differences.

The divorce was completed on December 17, 2001, and Sandy Mahl was awarded a divorce settlement that was one of the costliest in the history of country music, totaling a staggering $125 million. The couple was awarded shared custody of the couple’s daughters, even though Garth Brooks’ girls spend most of their time with their father.

The next year, 2005, saw the wedding of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Mahl, on the other hand, did not marry again and instead pursued a career in the business world. She is a co-founder of the Heart Ranch, which is located in Rogers County, Oklahoma, and is an animal rehabilitation and wildlife rescue organization. And even though their divorce was acrimonious, the former couple gets along well now and has been able to successfully co-parent their three kids. Read also: Ian Hanomansing Wife: What Is His Height? & Other Details!

The breakup of Garth Brooks’ marriage may have brought down many of the singer’s fans, but it also demonstrated that love is not always butterflies and rainbows. And that letting go of someone you care about can be the most difficult thing in love, but it can also be the nicest thing someone could ever do for the person they care about.


On December 17, 2001, the divorce was completed, and Sandy Mahl got one of the largest divorce settlements in country music history: $125 million. They share joint custody of Garth Brooks’ daughters, however, the girls prefer to spend time with their father.

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