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10 Geekprank.com Alternatives!

With GeekPrank.com, you can play a practical joke on your computer-using buddies that are both funny and real at the same time. You can use Windows XP and other online pranks to have a good time with this website. When they’re away from their PC, simply open this website and wait to see their reaction.

They’ll be able to use their newly upgraded devices and Windows 7 interface, but nothing will happen unless they click anywhere. In addition to these, Dos, FBI Lock, Matrix Rain, TV Noise, Jurassic Park, Virus, iOS, and News are all available for download. Your friends and coworkers who are also computer geeks can be amused by you and your antics on this site.


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Sites Like GeekPrank.com

1. The Useless Web


The Useless Web is a platform of websites that assists users in locating a useless website that will allow them to get rid of tedious tasks and waste time without searching. Fun-loving individuals can spend as much time as they choose on meaningless websites, without needing to keep track of the passing of time. You can access these websites on your mobile device, which will lead you to a suitable location…

2. GeekTyper

GeekTyper is a program that can be used on any type of device to show off your programming prowess and make you stand out from the crowd. The Google Play store has fantastic software with hundreds of features, such as photos and visual effects, that can be downloaded quickly. Hacking through this program isn’t guaranteed, so you’ll need to use it cautiously to prevent getting into problems.

3. Hacks

Hacks is an internet prank site that will assist you in creating a fake computer screen so that you can play a joke on someone else. This website only deceives users with its great appearance, not by stealing their data. An encrypted message that can only be deciphered by a hacker is the most significant aspect of this platform. Anyone can use this platform because it is free of charge. It also increases the level of trust that people have in their…

4. fediafedia

To become a professional hacker, fediafedia is a tonne of fun (that you only pretend for fun). Fediafedia.com provides a variety of scenarios, including 3D viewers, update screens, script authors, geeks, and more, so that you can experience everything to the fullest. Features like ScreenStyler, FakeUpdate, and Omnimo are just a few of the many options you can choose from. You don’t need to do anything more than going to the website and select the prank you want to play on your buddies. When it comes to hacking, it doesn’t matter how you do it.

5. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty is a fantastic arcade game that you may play for hours at a time and still have fun. This is a fantastic site with a crazy worm that follows the curser’s every move (stick to the bottom). To stop the cursor from moving rapidly, a flashing graphic with loud music is played until the movement stops. It’s a favorite pastime for tens of thousands of people around the world.

6. Human Benchmark

Using a variety of brain games and cognitive exams, Human Benchmark provides an engaging way to analyze your talents. You can use Human Benchmark to help you improve your ability to learn and think in the most effective way possible. Engaging in mental games that also improve your reflexes and encourage you to think large can help you gauge your abilities. You may measure your reaction time with the Reaction Time Tool, which is also accessible in numerous different play types. A portion of it

7. EssayTyper

With EssayTyper, students and professionals who are pressed for time can quickly and easily complete essays for their jobs or classes. User articles are automatically generated by the platform; all users need to do is specify a subject matter for the article they want to be written about. The system is up and running. By pressing a button once they’ve typed in their article title, users are taken to a new page. On this page, all it takes is a single keystroke to get things going.

8. Weave Silk

Weave Silk is an interactive art generative platform where you can draw anything of your interest and provides the opportunity to save them for later usage. You can remove as many things as you want, and most importantly, youngsters can enjoy this software to put their ideas into reality and explore their creativity all around the globe. Its layout is so easy to use that it includes a basic menu bar with a simple setup and provides the feature to…

9. Online Hacker Simulator


Do you aspire to be the finest hacker in the world? If you’ve always wanted to be a hacker, you’re in luck because Online Hacker Simulator allows you to do just that. In the beginning, you’ll see Director, Terminal, Transfer, Scripts, and Encryptor on your screen. In addition, you have a variety of customization options at your disposal, including the ability to alter things like colors, fonts, windows, text, and the speed at which animations play out. …

10. HackerTyper

To make your hacker fantasies a reality, you can utilize HackerTyper, a free, entertaining website. Use your keyboard to write hacking codes with this browser-based application. The service is also ideal for people who wish to demonstrate their hacking prowess to their pals. That this site gives hundreds of phony hacking code templates that may be saved and shared with friends is one of the most interesting features of this site.

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