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George Conway Divorce: Is It True or It Just a Rumor?

The claims were made in a documentary, which she linked to in her TikTok bio this week. Claudia claimed that Kellyanne was divorcing. Claudia’s TikTok lives from August 2020 were featured in the one-hour video, which was uploaded in February.

Claudia concentrated on her desire for emancipation from her parents in a taped live video that appeared to be dated last summer before unleashing the bombshell accusation. “Hopefully, I will succeed,” she remarked, “but the odds aren’t looking good.”

“And they were filing for divorce, and my mother did final – was trying to finalize things,” Claudia stated. The pair did not eventually divorce. The Sun reached out to George and Kellyanne Conway for comment but has yet to receive a response.

The pair did not divorce and remained together; in fact, they were seen supporting Claudia during her American Idol audition earlier this year. Claudia has not spoken out about her parents’ alleged divorce preparations since. In an hour-long YouTube clip posted last month, the adolescent discussed her ongoing family strife.

Claudia’s father was there for her American Idol audition. Claudia recently chastised her father George for banning her on Twitter and stressing politics over paying attention to her. George was called out on social media by his teen daughter for blocking her.

Claudia, 16, commented in response to one of her father’s tweets, “[W]anna get off Twitter and be a parent to your four children because I’m quite sure blocking me and telling me it would be better if I wasn’t here isn’t how to parent.”

George Conway Divorce

When his daughter gave the very public parenting dig, George tweeted about Long Island’s Democratic delegation ordering NY Governor Cuomo to “stand aside.” Claudia was featured in a one-hour documentary that she published on her TikTok account.

Due to Claudia’s volatile TikTok and Twitter activities, the Conway family feuds have frequently played out on social media. She then asked her father, “Why do I have to use Twitter to attract your attention?” when George posted about Donald Trump’s former attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

“Send him a text, Claudia,” one of her fans suggested, to which she answered, “I’m blocked.” Claudia recently went on American Idol with her proud parents, which caused George to cry as he expressed his delight at seeing his daughter on the show.

Claudia is the couple’s daughter. Only a few weeks later, she lamented that her father “says more to our two dogs a day than he has said to me in the past two years, and his entire feed is Bonnie and Skipper, but I support it.”

Claudia appeared to turn a corner at the start of 2021, claiming to take a sabbatical from social media, which she described as “a really dark place,” in order to work on her connection with her family. Claudia became suicide when a topless photo of her was allegedly released from her mother Kellyanne’s Twitter account.

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