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Gleb Korablev Death Photos: What’s the Deal With the 1444th Video?

Information about the “Gleb korablev death photos.” Video 1444 is a suicide video recorded by a Russian VK user named Bleb Korablev on October 17, 2019. In the video, Bleb shoots himself with a rifle while live-streaming. Everything that we know about the video is presented here.

A Description of “Video 1444” Would Be Helpful

The video-sharing website YouTube is quite good at locating movies with the words “suicide” or “death” in the title or the movie’s description. On the other hand, this was not the case with the frightening film; hence, there was no way that it could have been halted immediately after it was uploaded.

Several comments have been made regarding this well-known film, and one of them states that to keep your life, you need to record the day and time that you saw the video, in addition to specific details visible in the visuals. This is required if you want to avoid being killed. People who doubt its veracity and imply that it may be a “deep fake,” which refers to an incredibly realistic fake video that has been manipulated, are also responsible for the broad diffusion of the film. Deepfakes are false videos that have been altered to look highly genuine.

The 1444 Footage Features a Young Guy, but Who is He?

The popular video is only a few seconds long, but it has sparked many conversations online. The main character appears to be saying “goodbye” in Ruo, and the Internet reports that 18-year-old Gleb Korablev, a Moscow student, chose to broadcast his death live. Read more: Texts Indicate Tension Between Herschel Walker’s Wife and Lady Who Said He Paid for Her Abortion

According to reports, the young man who committed himself had trouble connecting with his family, especially his sister. It seems the recording was recorded when the subject was influenced by something.

Gleb korablev death photos
Gleb korablev’s death photos

Information Additional to Video 1444

Because of the material’s graphic nature, the video clip known as “video 1444” has become one of the most popular videos to be viewed online. As was the case with other viral films, many people are curious to learn more about this recording, which many people who use the internet feel is evil.

The video in issue contains explicit scenes that may be upsetting to some of the viewers who see it. They show a young guy taking his own life with a handgun. The disturbing component of this tale is that the video was initially uploaded to YouTube, gaining popularity rapidly and remaining up for several hours before being taken down due to the graphic nature of the violence it depicted. Read more:Ted Bundy Death Chair Photos- Is It Electric? Discover Crime Scene Photos Now!

Some people believe that a Facebook group was the source of the viral video 1444, while others think it was transmitted over the “Deep Web.” 1444 is a vague and useless title given to the film when it was published on YouTube by an unknown user.


The video of the attempted suicide was quickly distributed throughout various communities on the Russian social networking site VK, in addition to the Russian imageboard 2ch. Even though the video was taken from VK, it was posted to YouTube by a GORE channel, which has since been removed from YouTube. The film was given the title “1444”

It would appear that the user name 1444 was created to avoid being discovered by the automated systems monitoring YouTube.

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