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Finally, GoldenEye remake 007 will be available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch

The long-awaited 007 sequels, GoldenEye 007. is coming to the Switch and Xbox. GoldenEye 007 HD, a remaster of Rare’s classic 1997 Nintendo 64 game, will soon be available on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Nintendo revealed today.

Xbox One owners may enjoy the remastered game in 4K with improved frame rates and split-screen local multiplayer. According to a post on the official 007 sites, the game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online. However, the online multiplayer options will be exclusive to the Switch edition.

In a comment to The Verge, Microsoft explained why the Xbox One version doesn’t support online multiplayer: the game’s servers are “different” on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. While Microsoft claims to have created a “faithful reproduction” of GoldenEye 007, it looks like Nintendo is using the original game. The release date for GoldenEye 007 on PC and consoles has not been confirmed.

Xbox One players can look forward to the reintroduction of the original game’s story mode and cheat modes, as well as the use of dual analog sticks and a native 16:9 aspect ratio at up to 4K resolution. GoldenEye 007 is a bonus game that comes at no extra cost with the digital version of Rare Replay.

An HD remaster was originally scheduled for release on Xbox 360 in 2008, however, licensing and rights concerns delayed the project. That high-definition remake was leaked last year, and it was complete with the single-player mode and even local split-screen multiplayer. For the first time, Xbox and Nintendo Switch owners now enjoy an official remaster of GoldenEye 007.

There have been numerous attempts to recreate the success of the original GoldenEye 007 for the N64, including an attempt by Activision that was completely different from the N64 original. Fans have also successfully rebuilt GoldenEye 007 in several engines, albeit in 2020, lawyers from rights holders MGM will attack one creation. Creators Rare even went on to make a sequel in the same vein in the form of Perfect Dark (2000). Eventually, in 2010, a remaster was released with a similar aesthetic and engine improvements, but a brand-new intellectual property.

Timed perfectly with James Bond fans celebrating 60 years of the classic movies, a restoration of GoldenEye 007 has been announced. James Bond Day will be celebrated throughout the week of October 2nd, concluding on the 5th.

In addition to the introduction of GoldenEye 007 for Nintendo Switch Online, the company has also revealed that Pokémon Stadium, Mario Party, Pilotwings 64, 1080° Snowboarding, and Excitebike 64 will be added to the service shortly.

Latest as of 11:20 AM ET on September 13: This article has been revised to provide more information about the game’s features.

Change as of 7:30 AM ET on September 14: This article has been modified to reflect Microsoft’s confirmation that Xbox will not support online multiplayer and to provide further information on the various games available for the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.


A complete list of achievements for the 1997 N64 classic Goldeneye 007 was discovered, according to a report from the Xbox achievement tracking website TrueAchievements on January 1, 2022. Unmistakably, allusions to well-known maps, weapons, and even multiplayer games with Oddjob appear on the list, which we’ll put below.

As if that weren’t conclusive enough, the website states that just two active Gamertags—BIGsheep and Waylander73—have unlocked accomplishments for the game. Given that Lead Engineer James Thomas of Rare Ltd.’s LinkedIn page has the nickname BIGsheep, that first name may be the most crucial. Naturally, the assumption is that Rare, the company that created Goldeneye, is currently developing the sequel.

This information comes in the wake of a VGC story from February 2021 that exposed the online leak of unfinished Xbox 360 remasters of Goldeneye on Xbox Live Arcade, which could be played on a PC using an emulator software. Even though their gamerscore totals add up to 1,000, these freshly revealed achievements are unrelated to the canceled game. The score would likely be 400 if these accomplishments were parts of an XBLA game. Scores of 1,000 were not supported by XBLA games until late 2014.

The gist of this tale is that it appears very likely that Goldeneye 007 is being remade in some way for contemporary systems, with both single-player and multiplayer options offered. We anticipate the game will be launched sometime in 2022 because the existence of art and achievements suggests that development is advanced as well.

goldeneye remake
goldeneye remake


None yet! When relevant videos, gameplay, or screenshots of the game become available, we’ll try our best to provide them. Also, Like More posts: Currently, My Partner and I Are Playing a Video Game in Which You and Your Spouse Are Separating.


In case you didn’t click to see the achievements at the link above, here’s everything you need to know.

  • RUN! – Complete Dam on any difficulty [20]
  • Now try gunning for 2:05… – Complete Facility on any difficulty [20]
  • Fly Away! – Complete Runway on any difficulty [20]
  • Dual-wielding! – Complete Surface 1 on any difficulty [20]
  • Shootin’ Cameras! – Complete Bunker 1 on any difficulty [20]
  • Old-School Rockets! – Complete Silo on any difficulty [20]
  • Calm Seas – Complete Frigate on any difficulty [20]
  • Back Again, Part One – Complete Surface 2 on any difficulty [20]
  • Back Again, Part Two – Complete Bunker 2 on any difficulty [20]
  • So, Lost… – Complete Statue Park on any difficulty [20]
  • Interrogate This! – Complete Archives on any difficulty [20]
  • TANK! – Complete Streets with any difficulty [20]
  • Brief Respite – Complete Depot on any difficulty [20]
  • How Long is this Train?! – Complete Train on any difficulty [20]
  • Atmosphere, 90s Style! – Complete Jungle on any difficulty [20]
  • Hello, Mr. Bond! – Complete Control of any difficulty [20]
  • I Know It’s Here Somewhere… – Complete Caverns on any difficulty [20]
  • Blockbuster Boss Fight! – Complete the Cradle with any difficulty [20]
  • That Music, Though… – Complete Aztec on any difficulty [30]
  • Samedi Fight Fever! – Complete Egyptian on any difficulty [30]
  • Welcome Back, 007 – Complete the GoldenEye story on Agent difficulty [40]
  • Loyal to the Mission – Complete the GoldenEye story on Secret Agent difficulty [50]
  • Oh, James… – Complete the GoldenEye story on 00 Agent difficulty [60]
  • Double ZZZZAP!- Unlock 2x Lasers by completing Aztec on Secret Agent in 9:00 [10]
  • Better Than 2x Klobbs – Unlock 2x RC-RP90s by completing Caverns on 00 Agent in 9:30 or less [10]
  • Who needs framerate? – Unlock 2x Rocket Launchers by completing Bunker 1 on 00 Agent in 4:00 or less [10]
  • Target Acquired! – Unlock 2x Throwing Knives by completing Bunker 2 on Agent in 1:30 or less [10]
  • Full Arsenal! – Unlock All Guns by completing Egyptian on 00 Agent in 6:00 or less [10]
  • Chest-Pounding Godness – Unlock DK Mode by completing Runway on Agent in 5:00 or less [10]
  • DUCK! (10G) – Unlock Enemy Rockets by completing Streets on Agent in 1:45 or less
  • Here They Come! – Unlock Fast Animation by completing Statue on Secret Agent in 3:15 or less [10]
  • Best in Class – Unlock Gold PP7 by completing Cradle on Agent in 2:15 or less [10]
  • One Shot, Just One… – Unlock Golden Gun by completing Egyptian on any difficulty [10]
  • The Art of Boom – Unlock 2x Grenade Launchers by completing Surface 1 on Secret Agent in 3:30 or less [10]
  • Now It’s Clobbering Time! – Unlock Infinite Ammo by completing Control on Secret Agent in 10:00 or less [10]
  • Where Are you, Dr. Doak?! – Unlock Invincibility by completing Facility on 00 Agent in 2:05 or less [10]
  • Cheater! – Unlock Invisibility by completing Archives on 00 Agent in 1:20 or less [10]
  • Screen Cheater! – Unlock No Radar (Multi) by completing Frigate on Secret Agent in 4:30 or less [10]
  • This Is the Way – Unlock Paintball Mode by completing Dam on Secret Agent in 2:40 or less [10]
  • That’s All I Get For This?! – Unlock Silver PP7 by completing Train on 00 Agent in 5:25 or less [10]
  • So Much Drama! – Unlock Slow Animation by completing Depot on Secret Agent in 1:40 or less [10]
  • Everyone is Odd! – Unlock Tiny Bond by completing Surface 2 on 00 Agent in 4:15 or less [10]
  • Booster! – Unlock Turbo Mode by completing Silo on Agent in 3:00 or less [10]
  • Double-Cut – Unlock 2x Hunting Knives by completing Jungle on Agent in 3:45 or less [10]
  • World Tour – Play a multiplayer match on every map [20]
  • Decimated – Play 10 multiplayer matches [20]
  • Q Branch Specialist – Play a multiplayer match using every weapon set [20]
  • Playing By the Rules – Play each type of multiplayer scenario at least once [20]
  • Multi-streak – Play five back-to-back multiplayer matches [20]
  • Merciless – Kill a player while they’re unarmed [20]
  • License to Kill – Score 100 kills in multiplayer matches over time [20]
  • A Treehouse Classic – Play a match: Remote Mines, on Complex [20]
  • Slapstick Comedy – Play a match: Slappers Only, on Complex, Licence to Kill [20]
  • Should Use a Guide – Earn the ‘Mostly Harmless’ multiplayer award [20]
  • Unusual Work – Play as Oddjob in a multiplayer match (Secret) [20]

As you can see, every part of the N64 original looks to be fully accounted for.

Will the Goldeye 007 remake only be available on Xbox?

We are unsure. However, we speculate that it might be because the game appears to be under production at Rare Ltd., a business that falls under the Xbox Game Studios brand. This kind of game looks like it would be the ideal bonus for an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Having said that, considering the game’s initial release on Nintendo systems, perhaps Microsoft has an agreement to bring it to Switch in some fashion. This could involve the release of the remake on Switch or the inclusion of the emulated original in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. You shouldn’t hold your breath if you were planning to play Goldeneye on a PlayStation.

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