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GOP-led Arizona County Sues Over Delayed Election Certification

After voting to postpone the certification of its election canvass past the statewide Monday deadline, the Republican-controlled Cochise County in Arizona is now the target of a lawsuit. The three-member Cochise County Board of Supervisors is criticized in a lawsuit filed on behalf of a local voter and the Arizona Alliance of Retired Americans for a “long, baseless effort to call into question the results of the 2022 general election and evade Arizona law,” which was widely anticipated after the vote. The lawsuit claims the board lacks the authority to uphold the election results.

The board decided 2-1 against the certification due to doubts about the voting machines that three conspiracy theorists had expressed, claiming they lacked the necessary accreditation. In the light of conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential election, the complaint describes the board’s beliefs regarding the election equipment as “nothing more than vague and unfounded assertions that the county’s computerized voting devices could not be trusted.”

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The claim in the case is that by ignoring the deadline, the Cochise County supervisors are breaking Arizona law. The plaintiffs want the county made to follow the voting procedure and canvass the results. After the board initially decided to push back the canvass to Monday, the deadline for results submission, the Arizona Alliance of Retired Americans sent a warning to the board last week, threatening legal action if “the Board refuses to perform its mandatory statutory duty to accept and canvass the election results” by the deadline.

In a letter to the board, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D), who ran for office this year and is anticipated to succeed Jan Brewer as governor, also urged them to certify the results promptly. “Attempts made in bad faith to undermine Arizona’s democracy will not go unchallenged. The Secretary will pursue all legal options, including filing a special action, to force the Board’s compliance if it fails to certify the canvass by November 28.

Biden intensifies his criticism of Trump as the Senate GOP spars over spending priorities. Hobbs added, though, that the state will still proceed with the election in the absence of the Cochise County results. The secretary of state informed the board members that their failure to certify would only result in the disenfranchisement of Cochise County voters.

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