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Griff and Martha Thomas: Dead Bodies From 46 Years Ago Are Being Investigated Forensically

In Pembrokeshire, police have started a forensic investigation into the murders of a brother and sister that occurred 46 years ago. In December of 1976, Griff Thomas and Martha Mary Thomas were discovered dead in their house in Ffynnon Samson, Llangolman. Mr. Thomas, age 73, was found guilty of murdering his sister, age 70, and lighting himself on fire during the first inquest. However, activists demanded that the case be reopened to determine whether or not a third party was involved.

According to Dyfed-Powys Police, forensic analysis is now being conducted utilizing methods not accessible during the first inquiry. The bodies of Mr. Thomas, a retired farmer, and his sister were discovered amid the ruins of the home they had shared for the previous seventy years. Law enforcement first investigated the deaths as a double homicide.

An open verdict was recorded on his death. Still, in February 1977, an inquest found Mr. Thomas guilty of manslaughter after his local sister, known as Pati, had suffered significant head injuries. Many town residents are confident that the elderly farmer, who has arthritis, would never harm his sister, with whom he has shared his life for the better of seven decades. Read more: When a Russian drone strikes a Kyiv residential building, the United States calls it “war crimes”

Griff and Martha Thomas
Griff and Martha Thomas

Celebrate, a Welsh language newspaper in the area spearheaded a campaign earlier this year demanding a new investigation. Detection Chief Jones stated: “Forensic science has come a long way in the previous 40 years, and such advancements may yield new insights even in ancient instances. While the inquiry in 1976 was comprehensive, forensic science was not as advanced as it is now. We plan to see if new methods may help us learn more about what happened in Ffynnon Samson that year.” Read more: Anthony Avalos Death: Truth Behind the Death at the Age 10

When the police announced they would reopen the investigation, the editor of Clebran stated he saw “a gleam of optimism.” According to Hefin Wyn, the police have demonstrated that they take Clebran’s assertion that the inquest verdict in the case of Martha and Griff Thomas was not secure. “Those who knew the brother and sister have the conviction that they did not assault one other, and there is a ray of hope that such proof can be produced.

In his ongoing effort to exonerate Griff Thomas of his sister’s murder, Clebran argues that the likely idea that a third person was responsible for the killing was not given enough scrutiny. The police have indicated they are “keeping an open mind” about the probe results, but they have also cautioned that it is unclear what answers would be delivered. Read more: Walid Shoebat: Early Life, Career& More!

Det. Supt. Jones remarked, “We will keep the family informed of any developments.”

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